Life is a buzz, you have just announced your engagement and are about to commence arranging the most important day of your life, your wedding.  Congratulations!

Everyone has words of wisdom and no doubt you have heard all those nightmare stories and wonder just how hard it can be to organise a wedding, after all it’s one day in your life surely it cannot be that hard.

Now where to start when arranging your wedding?  Well forget the venue and the menu, the wedding dress or who will be your bridesmaids, your number one priority is wedding insurance.   Wedding Insurance will protect the money you invest in your day.

We know that this sounds practical and boring but let’s focus on what is on the line here.  Once the policy is purchased it allows you to move on to the more exciting things of arranging your wedding but in the back of your mind you know its there.

The Sydney Herald reported in June, 2006 that the average Australian wedding was costing approximately $36,000, you wouldn’t shell out this type of money on a home or car without insuring it, now would you.  The premiums are small when you compare them to the money you will spend on the wedding.

The core of a wedding insurance policy is the cancellation / postponement cover.  The reimbursement you receive is based on what you’ve paid to your wedding suppliers, you need your receipts, make sure you put them away in a safe place.

We have highlighted some of the areas of our policy which we feel are important:

Selecting an insurer….look for Australian made with an Insurer based in Australia.    If you have not heard of the underwriter do your research, telephone the Insurance Council of Australia or Ombudsman.

Changed your mind, you would prefer Brad Pitt or Kylie Minogue….sorry “change of heart” isn’t covered, so select your partner carefully.

Forecast is for rain…this does not mean you cancel the wedding because it’s not a picture perfect day but rather we cover the extreme weather.  By this we mean it makes it impossible for the majority of your guests to attend, the policy will respond if you need to cancel or postpone.    It covers disasters, like flooding, cyclones, earthquakes the kind of incident which would close down a highway or airport.

Oops, your pictures have gone missing… well at least you have memories of the day.  If you use a professional photographer and for some reason the film, negative or video tape is lost or damaged your policy can respond to the retaking of photographs but there is no cover for dissatisfaction of the quality of the photographs or video.

Ring less…if your wedding rings are lost or damaged before or after the ceremony you will have cover.  We limit this to 7 days, which is when you should be looking to cover these under your home insurance policy.

Military posting….when is departure? But I have arranged my wedding.  Unexpected and unavoidable posting overseas of the bride or bridegroom as a serving member of the armed services is covered.

To have and to hold for this day liable…as with most things we do we have a responsibility to others, it’s our duty of care.    Liability Insurance is one of the most important covers you can have not just for your wedding but for your home and car.   Imagine if you had a park wedding and you supplied the chairs, it only takes one to collapse and injure a guest.   Thinking of doing the catering yourself, consider the consequences of food poisoning.   Who is liable if someone slips, after you decorate the hall or church, perhaps blow bubbles, throw rice or confetti.  Make sure your future starts off loveable not liable.

Get me to the church on time…means the cars have to show, perhaps they have lost your order or double booked.    They arrive but unfortunate the car won’t start.  You need to arrange a replacement.

Jilted at the door by your suppliers… what happens when you find out your wedding supplier has closed their doors or changed hands and the new owners know nothing about the arrangements.   What has happened to your deposit, your policy will allow you to make alternative similar arrangements, again those receipts are vital.

Little things that count….wedding insurance policies generally cover for loss or damage to the wedding attire due to professional cleaning, wedding presents, stationery, cake and documents.

Wedding Insurance… are you protected?

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