Every bride and groom and every wedding is different.

Whether the bride’s parents pay for the wedding or the bride and groom, one thing is the same for all weddings – your budget will determine the type of wedding you have.

What’s more important is that you manage your expenses.  Brides Of Adelaide Magazine’s free wedding budget tool enables you to prepare an estimate of what you would like to spend and keep track of what you actually do spend all in the one place – it couldn’t be easier.

It is important that you take the time to decide what you both really want and what you can afford.   For example, a smaller more intimate wedding could mean an around-the-world honeymoon or a deposit for your new home.


The savvy bride invests in her research and is creative – she thinks “outside the box”….

3 traits of a savvy bride:

  • believe what you want is possible,
  • invest in lots of research and get creative – think “outside the box”, and
  • take action – ask for what you want and negotiate until you get it!.

No matter what your wedding budget, a chic, high-end wedding can be yours without sacrificing style. Here are some basic planning strategies and tips to help you.

Wedding Date

Saturday night is the most sought after time for wedding venues.  Instead, consider a Friday night or a Saturday morning/afternoon or Sunday wedding reception.  You will not only save money you will probably have a greater choice of dates to select from.


Exchange your wedding vows in a naturally beautiful location like a public park or a flower garden and you won’t have to spend a cent on wedding decorations.

Wedding Dress

Got your heart set on designer couture? Save up to 30 % by simply changing the fabric. For example, a wedding dress made of poly satin will cost far less than silk satin and no-one will be the wiser.  Choose expensive lace and beading for the bodice, but eliminate the lace and embelishment on the hemline, train, or sleeves.

Avoid making special changes to couture gowns.  Changing the shape of the neckline or altering a sleeve can be costly.

Groom’s Attire & Formal Wear

If your wedding is semi-formal, get him to wear a nice suit that he already owns.   Better still, encourage all the groomsmen to hire from the same supplier, and in many cases, they will include the groom’s tux for free.

Wedding Flowers

Swapping expensive flowers for less expensive ones can save up to $5 per stem and small substitutions all add up.  If you were planning on having five roses per bouquet and 10 per centerpiece – with a wedding party of five girls and guest list of 150 people, you’ve just saved over $500 by simply exchanging flowers in all your bouquets and table arrangements.


Keep your menu simple.  Brunches, hors d’oeuvres and buffets are less expensive than seated dinners.
Reduce the number of dinner courses (three fabulous courses costs less than serving five individual courses). Stick with the specialties of the season and region.

Purchase your own alcohol.  Have the caterers bring out the Moet or Dom Perignon for the toast, then switch to a less expensive champagne for the rest of the night – no one will notice.

Don’t forget to discuss and negotiate associated costs such as the cost of service, overtime and insurance when you meet with caterers. Also be sure to get healthy food options not just junk. Check out Anca Vereen for some great healthy ideas.

Wedding Invitations

It is important that your wedding invitations are special, however there is no need to go overboard as your guests will remember your ceremony and wedding reception more than the invitation.

Keep invitations simple. Top-quality paper, decorative envelope linings, multiple enclosures and custom-colored inks all add to the price. Choose one exquisite element and keep the rest simple.

Use Brides Of Adelaide Magazine’s save-the-date cards save-the-date eCards and online RSVP or make save-the-date cards yourself and save on postage costs.

Music & Entertainment

Consider DJ’s, they are less expensive than live bands.  If you want a band, keep the band small. Choosing a band that has modern and up-to-date equipment will make a smaller band sound bigger.  Alternatively, have the band playing at your ceremony and your wedding reception.

The best DJs and bands are in highest demand on Saturday nights, so consider Friday or Sunday for a slightly reduced rate.


Taping the ceremony (only) will save you money.


Use your credit card for all wedding purchases and take advantage of the frequent-flyer points to pay for your flight and avoid traveling during peak season when places are most crowded, in demand and cost more.

Go for the package instead of individually purchasing plane tickets, hotel and food and make sure you let people know that you’re on your honeymoon – you’ll be surprised at the little extras you’ll receive like chilled champagne waiting for you in your suite at check-in, or free upgrades.

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