22 June 2016

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The wedding etiquette rules of the bride and groom are often discussed quite openly with everything from the wording on the invitation to the guest list. Consider if you are purely just a guest at a wedding – does etiquette apply to you? Well believe it or not, there are a number of rules that you should keep in mind as a guest in regards to what is and what isn’t appropriate! Here are a few…


Being the best wedding guest that you can be starts from the moment you receive the invitation in the mail. A pet-peeve that we have all experienced at some point is having half your guest list not rsvp to your event leaving your catering and seat numbers in limbo – don’t be that person! In most cases, you have plenty of time to get your RSVP in so there are no excuses for sending it in late. If you are forgetful or tend to loose pieces of mail easily, make an effort to send your response the same day you receive the invite.


The bride is allowed to be late, you are not! Even though you know that this is common practise in weddings, you should still trying your absolute best to be there at the time advised on the invitation. There isn’t much more embarrassing then stumbling into the ceremony while it is already underway, and not to mention disrespectful to the couple.


You would think that this is one rule that would not need repeating, but here we are. Almost every wedding we have attended has had one or two guests break this cardinal wedding guest rule. If you aren’t sure whether your outfit is considered white or not, go with the latter and avoid wearing it. Don’t take any shine away from the bride; this is her day to stand out.


Keep your congratulatory chitchat to a minimum and don’t take offense if you don’t spend much time with the couple of the night. We understand you are excited to congratulate them but remember to keep in mind that they have many guests to greet and thank.


Being on your best behaviour goes hand in hand with drinking responsibly for many. The bottom line though is to not do anything that would draw attention away from the couple. We are saying a major NO to any loud, attention seeking and obnoxious behaviour – which includes your impromptu speech that no one really wants to hear. Always be polite, well mannered and gracious, it’s the better option than never being invited to one of your friends weddings again.

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11 April 2016

different wedding guest attire - brides of adelaide

Usually for guests, dress codes are a confusing combination of words on a wedding invitation that leads to a wardrobe meltdown ending in you wearing what you had planned in the first place – even if it doesn’t fit the code. For the hosts, guests are quite literally a human decoration, fitting into the décor and matching the feel of the day. We are about to give you a lesson in modern day etiquette, after all, a little tradition never hurt…

White Tie

This is the more formal of the dress codes, requiring you to think about what fancy is, and then go beyond that. For the women, it’s long evening dresses and white gloves if you’re game and tailcoat, patent leather footwear, starched shirt and waistcoat, wing collar and white bow tie for gentlemen.

Black Tie

Still super fancy, but with a lot more flexibility. For the girls, it’s a formal floor length dress or midi length dress or anything in between that looks formal enough. Men should wear a tux, a white pique or pleated front shirt, cuff links, a black bow tie, a cummerbund or vest, black patent shoes and black dress socks. the black tie is all about the Oscars – so just imagine you’re dressing for the red carpet!

white tie and black tie wedding guest attire - brides of adelaide

Black Tie Optional

This is the dress code where hosts are too shy to tell you what they really want you to wear so they suggest you wear a full suit, but not completely insist on it. Floor or ankle length dresses; a very dressy LBD or a dressy set of separates is acceptable for the women. A dark suit and white shirt is required for the men with either a bow tie or tie.


This is all about keeping it dressy, without being too dressy! Knee-length dresses or dressy separates in classic colours are the perfect attire for girls. A shorter cocktail dress is fine as long as it is still dressy – it’s a wedding, not a Saturday night out on the town. Boys can swap the tux for a suit in navy, black or dark grey and can keep it relaxed with just a bow tie or tie.

red midi dress wedding guest - brides of adelaide

Cocktail Dress

The girls should wear a cocktail dress ranging from just above the knee to ankle length. The gents should wear a classic suit, a formal collared shirt and a neck tie which is optional[avoid bowties here]. Dark colours are best for evening events, but are also acceptable for winter daytime weddings. You can go for lighter colours in the summer months.

Smart Casual

This is where things start to get more relaxed. The girls can wear a cocktail dress of any length, a gorgeous long-leg pantsuit or even a skirt and tom combination. The key to this look is your accessories giving your outfit that extra oomph. For the guys, dressy pants and a long sleeve shirt with or without a tie – is perfect attire, with a dinner jacket optional. If a dinner jacket is on the cards, leaving it unbuttoned makes for a chic and casual feel.

casual wedding guest jumpsuit - brides of adelaide

Casual/ Informal

This usually indicates an outdoor wedding somewhere so the whole vibe will be really laid back. A sundress in a linen or cotton fabric is ideal for girls and can opt for either heels or a pair of pretty flats or sandals. Khaki pants or chinos are acceptable for the guys paired with a button down shirt, long sleeve or short sleeve, and a knitted sweater instead of jacket.

casual wedding guest maxi dress - brides of adelaide

No Dress Code

If there is no dress code indicated then you can usually take fashion cues from the invite itself. Hand pressed writing on thick card with foiling and fancy cursive usually hints towards a more formal affair – you should definitely dress up a little more. If the invitation is a little more casual or a theme is indicated on the décor, you can forget about the whole ball gown and tuxedo look.

If all else fails, turn to your best LBD! Its better to be overdressed at a wedding than under dressed, but if you honestly cant figure it out, its time to get in touch with the maid of honour.

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4 January 2016

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9 September 2015

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17 July 2015

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