30 August 2016

the best day ever wedding festival - brides of adelaide

South Australia’s most exciting and refreshing alternative to the 'traditional' wedding expo is back. The BEST DAY EVER Wedding Festival being held on September 11th just may be the kick-start you need to get your creative juices flowing! And if you’ve never been to one, then you are in for a treat.

Aside from being surrounded by numerous wedding supplies to suit every taste, bride and budget [where you could quite literally choose your gown, cake, venue, photographer and DJ all in one day] here is what else you can expect to see at Septembers BEST DAY EVER:


This is an exciting one for all the gorgeous brides-to-be! You will be the first lucky ladies in Adelaide to get their hands on the BRAND NEW issue of Adelaide's favourite wedding planning and styling guide, Issue 13 of Brides of Adelaide magazine!


Mingle with exhibiting partners about everything wedding! Be inspired by the creative flair and styling elements on offer; live entertainment, interactive installations and much, much more. Bridal fashion houses, exquisite cakes - and tastings-, artistic photographers and creative hair, beauty, decor and event stylists to enchant and delight – its wedding planning heaven!


The fashion parades showcase dozens of spectacular gowns from amazing Adelaide couturiers, to some of the best ready to wear stockists in the state, as well as outfits for the entire bridal party and groom! Oh, and you’ll even be treated to some stunning getting ready bridal robes thanks to The Bridal Space.


The festival will be stylishly decorated in inspiring themes that are sure to get your ideas flowing; table settings, floral chandeliers and a whole lot more. Head down for the day and find out about all the endless opportunities on offer.

Come on down and say ‘hi’ to us, we’d love to meet you!


WHEN: Sunday September 11th 2016
WHERE: National Wine Centre of Australia | Cnr Hackney Rd + Botanic Rd, Adelaide SA 5000
HOURS: 10am to 5pm
COST OF ENTRY: FREE! Get your tix here: http://bit.ly/joinbde

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18 July 2016

It’s the day young girls spend their childhood planning. But like all young girls, we didn’t realise the hard – but fun + totally worth it– work that actually went into planning every detail of a wedding. Which brings me to my point – take a seat + let's talk wedding reception set-up, or more specifically - how do you choose between using long or round tables?! The answer? Well you’re a bride, decisions don’t come easy, but hopefully we can make it a little easier for you.

The vibe of your wedding reception greatly depends on how the evening is organised + one of the easiest ways to make your party feel welcoming + warm is with your wedding tables. Don’t doubt its ability to transform your venue of choice ladies – whether you’re having an intimate setting or a lavish affair, your set-up + styling plays a major role.

The three magic words when it comes to influencing your table design decision; say it with me ladies - venue size, centrepiece + interaction! Consider the sizing of the venue + which table style would allow you to efficiently utilise the space, along with what centrepiece design you are crushing over.

round wedding reception table - brides of adelaidelavish wedding reception with round tables - brides of adelaidemarquee wedding reception with round table settings - brides of adelaide


This one is the classic choice, if you are trying to achieve that timeless feel then this is definitely the way to go. As long as your centrepieces are cooperating, your guests can easily mingle with one another across the table, along with those seated to their left + right. Each round table takes a single centrepiece + round table cloths are easily accessible, coming in many sizes + colours – hello money saver!!

For a less traditional look, try mixing small + large sized tables for an eclectic feel + this way you can accommodate for the different sized groups on your guest list - it’s a win-win for everyone. One downside however, in a smaller space it is much harder to fit a large number of round tables as they don’t neatly fit against straight-edged walls + corners. So if you are short on space, this may not be the option for you + beau.

outdoor wedding reception with banquet-style tables - brides of adelaideelegant wedding reception with long tables - brides of adelaidewhite + gold wedding reception stylng with long tables - brides of adelaide


The long rectangle table is your more modern choice + a formal dining dream which has gained popularity amongst brides + grooms. Mingling opportunities for your guests are about the same as those on a round table – although those at either end of the table might have to shout to engage with one another. Creating a regally intimate atmosphere, the straightedges modernize these tables + work really well in both larger + smaller spaces.

We recommend choosing a few smaller, but striking centrepieces [taper candles, foliage runners] placed in a row down the centre of the table or why not try a hanging centrepiece filled with luscious foliage + florals. This style however may be a little annoying for those guests who are seated towards the middle of the table. Why? Could you imagine walking around the whole table just to use the bathroom or boogie it down on the dance floor. If a guest cancels last minute or is a no show, then the seating chart gets little thrown off and can be noticed as an empty seat.

round + long table wedding reception - brides of adelaide

BOA TIP: If you honestly cannot decide over both of these gorgeous options, why not combine both? We are all for bending the rules of tradition, who says you need just one table type – not us! There’s room for all of them at your table [pun intended].

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18 May 2016

bride and groom in the rain - brides of adelaide

Waking up to rain your wedding day in the colder months might feel like a huge bummer, but tradition has it that it is considered good luck! Many believe that rain brings fertility, cleansing, unity and renewal to your wedding day and marriage. The Hindus believe that a wet knot is harder to untie – meaning your marriage will be just as hard to unravel.

Nonetheless, no bride who doesn’t have a little panic attack at the thought of wet weather no matter how much good luck it can bring, but relax, we have you covered with our 5 tips on how to tackle a rainy day…


Photographers have literally seen and dealt with it all – especially wet weather weddings. Discuss with them the possible indoor locations that you can shoot at close by, or if you’re brave, talk about the potential of having your images taken in the rain – do we need to remind you of the stunning shot below?


There are so many umbrella choices out there; you just have to pick one! Don’t forget to purchase some for your bridesmaids as well as you do the dash from the car to the church. Rock a calm vibe and your best “I knew it was going to rain” face.


It’s a huge possibility that you’re probably going to cry on your wedding day so it’s a given that ANY bride knows that waterproof mascara and liner are your wedding day best friend. You might also want to discuss with your hairdresser a second option hairstyle to avoid frizz – topknots, buns and braids always work well. Don’t forget your powder touch up before the reception and a smoothing hair serum to combat flyaways.      


You’re a girl, we have all been there – the stiletto heel sinking into the grass situation – now add some water into the mix and your $$$$ wedding shoes will never stand a chance. A more relaxed bride might opt for the good old fun wellies in crazy patterns and colours to brighten up the day. If you’re a bride that MUST wear heels, then perhaps opt for a wedge instead or even a spare pair of shoes to do the dash from the car to inside then pop on your wedding shoes.


You can’t beat it and you can’t control Mother Nature in all her glory! Inform your guests that you WILL be going ahead with your wedding, it might be wet and cold, but it will be amazing nonetheless!!

bride and groom rain wedding photography - brides of adelaide

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bride and groom in the rain / bride and groom rain wedding photography


20 April 2016

bride and groom wedding photo - brides of adelaide

Your big day is over and you’re officially Mr & Mrs – congrats! Your marriage is officially starting but there is still a little more work to be done, and no we aren’t talking about updating your Facebook relationship status and profile picture. We’re talking about these 8 post-wedding to dos – in no particular order of course:


Relax and enjoy time with your new hubby, make the most of your time as newlyweds before you get back to reality. Speaking of honeymoon, make sure your passports and ID are up to date and packed safely in your carry on luggage before your big day.

honeymoon photo - brides of adelaide


Thanking the people who attended your wedding and supported you through the day is a big must! Send a short, personalised message to each guest or couple, thanking them for their attendance and gift no later than three months after the wedding. Space out your note writing over a few weeks to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the whole process.


The chances are your wedding dress is going to be the most expensive item of clothing that you will EVER own! It is also a high possibility that you will never wear it again and might chose to hand it down to your children or even sell it but the longer you wait, the more stubborn your cake stains and alcohol spills become. Aim to have your dress cleaned within a week after your wedding.


Who doesn’t love receiving gifts, but lets be honest, there are only so many Egyptian cotton sheets and kitchen sets a couple can have. It’s time to pick your favourites and send the rest back to the store.

wedding gift boxes - brides of adelaide


Your wedding photos are momentum's that you will keep forever and cherish in years to come, so you should definitely take your time to select the ones that you love. Keep in mind however depending on what was discussed in the contract with your photographer there is probably a deadline for photo selections.


What is worse than having your wedding ring stolen? Not having the funds to replace it! If you haven’t done so already, review your home and contents insurance policy to make sure it covers your wedding rings, if not, a quick call to your insurer may be needed.


A wedding takes a whole talented team of vendors to make it go off without a hitch! Appreciation goes a long way, especially word of mouth, so you should definitely take some time out and write some reviews for your vendors after all, how many reviews did you read while in the selection process.


It’s time for the money talk, if you haven’t already had it. How will your money be spent, will you have joint accounts or separate? Visit a lawyer and discuss your future security, make changes to life insurance, superannuation beneficiaries and wills. This is the least exciting thing to do on the list, but one of the most important!

desk decor and styling - brides of adelaide

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bride and groom wedding photo / honeymoon photo / wedding gift boxes / desk decor and styling


6 April 2016

You've been envisioning your wedding dress since you were a little girl. The wedding dress you wear walking down the aisle will be the centrepiece of your special day.  It will also probably be the most talked about fashion item you will ever wear.  Here is some wedding dress shopping advice to get you in the know before you go…

Start Early.  9 to 12 months before your wedding is the ideal time to start shopping for your wedding dress. Unless you purchase a ready-to-wear dress that fits you perfectly as soon as you try it on, wedding dresses are generally required to be altered - usually a number of times over a six month period, until they fit ‘just right’. If you have less than 6 months before your wedding, you will need to be more flexible about your choice of wedding dress.

malachi and betrothed bridal couture weddinf dresses - brides of adelaide

Visit Boutiques.  Bridal boutiques are great places to shop for ideas.  They carry a wide selection of gowns from a variety of designers. Try to limit your shopping to 5 or 6 boutiques and take along a notebook to jot down the details of the gowns that you like.  If possible, avoid the busiest times such as weekends and evenings, so that you can receive more personalised attention.

Seek Recommendations.  Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best form of advertising in any industry and a beautifully designed wedding dress is admired for a long time.  Ask past brides which stores/designers/couturiers create beautiful designs, provide excellent service, attention to detail and great styling advice.

Match Your Budget.  Investigate which stores best suit your budget.  Whilst stores stock wedding gowns under $1000, designer stores start at $3000.  Save yourself time by making an enquiry prior to making an appointment.

Take In A Trunk Show.  Wedding dress stores also conduct special events such as trunk shows.  At trunk shows, a particular designer (or representative store) exhibits the latest collections for brides to view and try on.  Trunk shows are the best way of viewing all the wedding dresses in the collection, rather than a selected few stocked by the store. Some trunk shows also provide the opportunity to meet the designer in person and get their invaluable advise on the best look for you.

Speak The Speak.  Wedding dress shopping is a whole new world, with its own special language.  Before you even start visiting bridal stores, familiarise yourself with the gown and all of its parts; neckline, waistline, sleeve, skirt style, fabric, embellishments, train etc.  Research the basic wedding dress silhouettes and try to determine which ones best suit your body.

Set your style.  Consider the style, formality and location of your ceremony. Your wedding dress should compliment the location, time and season of your ceremony. A full length gown with a 2 metre train will simply look out of place at a cocktail garden party or a beach wedding.  Envision yourself walking down the aisle in front of all your friends and loved ones and think about what suits your style and character.  Write down 5 words that best describe you (for example classical, princess, bohemian or sophisticated). These adjectives will assist you in making wedding fashion selections for your dress, accessories and hair style.

Source A Good Salesperson.  A good salesperson will ask you what type of wedding you're having, how you envision yourself looking on your special day and what styles of wedding dresses you like.  A better salesperson will also identify what wedding dress style will look best on you based on your body type. Listen carefully to a salesperson's expertise - they work closely with brides on a daily basis.  Value their advice and keep an open mind. If they bring you something on a hanger that doesn’t inspire you, try it on anyway. Even though certain wedding dress silhouettes look best on certain body types, try on different styles of wedding dresses and then decide what shapes and styles look best on you and which ones you feel most comfortable wearing.  Trust your instincts.

Shop around.  Don’t buy the first wedding dress you try on - even if you think it is perfect.  Give yourself time to look around at other stores and think about it more away from the store - just to be absolutely sure that you have found the right one.  You can always go back again.

rapsimo bridal and princess collection wedding dresses - brides of adeldaide

Dare To Be Different.  If you are having a truly unique wedding gown designed for you by an exclusive bridal couturier, the sky is the limit! Your one-off designer wedding dress will be the talk of the town and will not be seen on any other bride.  Your wedding dress will be as individual as you are.  If you are shopping for a ready-to wear wedding dress, don’t feel that you are restricted to what is on the hanger. In most cases, you can still add your own personal touches to a ready-to-wear dress.  If you like the skirt on one wedding dress and the bodice of another, alterations can usually be accommodated (if both dresses are produced by the same designer).  Embellishments such as lace and beads can also be added or removed, however remember that the more you change, the more costly your wedding dress will become.

The Search Is Over.  You have found your dream dress, you look amazing in it, take a deep breath and savour the moment!

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malachi wedding dress / betrothed wedding dress / rapsimo wedding dress / princess collection wedding dress / jewelery by miss martni / hair by mat johnson / makeup by lauren parkinson


23 March 2016

So you’ve said yes to your man – congrats! But it's time to get down to the gritty stuff - like “who will pay for what?”.

The traditional division of wedding expenses between the bride and groom's sides has changed significantly over time, with many of today’s brides and grooms paying for their own wedding expenses. To help kick start your conversation, we have put together a list of the 'traditional' breakdown of the major wedding expenses [still followed by some couples]. It is important however to remember that there are only guidelines and every couple is different.

So mix and match this list to best suit your personal needs and preferences and deep your expenses under control with the help of our wedding Budget Tool...

The Bride / Bride’s Side pays for…

  • Engagement notice and any other newspaper announcements
  • Engagement party
  • Wedding consultant / planner's fee
  • Wedding invitations & stationery (printing & mailing)
  • Wedding dress, veil and accessories
  • Lingerie
  • Ceremony / reception decorations
  • Ceremony / reception flowers
  • Programs
  • Transportation to the ceremony and reception venues (for mother of the bride, the bride and the bridesmaids)
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding flowers (bridesmaids bouquets, all corsages, ceremony, reception)
  • Reception costs (venue, catering, beverages, entertainment, rental items)
  • Bombonniere
  • Wedding photography and videography
  • Guest book
  • Groom's wedding ring
  • Groom’s wedding gift
  • Bridal attendant’s gifts
  • Beauty treatments
  • Wedding breakfast

couture wedding dress - brides of adelaidepamper bridesmaid gift from bride - brides of adelaidewedding transport - brides of adelaidewedding reception styling - brides of adelaide

The Groom / Groom’s Side Pays For…

  • Groom’s clothing & accessories
  • Groomsmen’s accessories (excluding tuxedos)
  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Flowers for the mothers and grandmothers
  • Boutonniere for the groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers and groom
  • Transportation to the ceremony and reception venues (for the groom & the groomsmen)
  • Bride's engagement & wedding rings
  • Bride’s wedding gift
  • Gifts for the groom's attendants
  • Rehearsal dinner (optional)
  • Marriage license
  • Officiate's fee
  • Honeymoon

grooms suit - brides of adelaidebridal bouquet - brides of adelaideengagement ring and wedding band - brides of adelaide

Bridal Attendants / Groomsmen Pay For…

  • Wedding attire and accessories
  • Bridal shower gift
  • Wedding gift for the bride and groom

bridal party - brides of adelaide

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5 December 2015

Like little organisation fairies – this one is a must for your wedding day. Should anything not quite go to plan, this record sheet is your best friend + saviour all in one. This little gem contains all the key information you need on your big day, such as your schedule + all the contact details for your suppliers if you need to contact them. Print out the itinerary + hand it out to your lady line-up + even your mum to ensure they know the 411 + arrive everywhere on time! Its time to get started with this FREE online planning tool here…

online wedding planning tool - wedding itinerary - brides of adelaide

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14 November 2015

Keeping track of who got you what present throughout your marital celebrations and who you have already thanked can be a messy + exhausting affair for any bride + beau. Luckily for you, BOA’s FREE planning tools have made sending thankyou’s a breeze. What a great way to keep track of all the beautiful gifts you have received from your guests for your engagement, bridal shower and wedding in one place with the bonus benefit of adding extra little notes to remind yourself . The best part? Your guests will be automatically added from the 'Guest List' to ensure not a person is missed! Start using this fab tool here..

brides of adelaide free online wedding planning tool - brides of adelaide

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17 October 2015

Living a life as a bride on the go + attempting to plan a wedding at the same time means that on occasion, a few or more things are missed – generally the most important! Here’s where our FREE interactive online tool comes in!

Simply log on, and then head to the ‘Reminders’ tab, where you can keep a record of all things essential. Simply set yourself a reminder that will prompt you when its time to meet with those all-important suppliers, pay deposits + send out invitations on time. The best thing? you can take it with you on the go - such a tech savvy bride you are! Get started with this FREE interactive online planning tool here... to ensure that you wont miss a single beat when it comes to your planning.

free online reminder wedding planning tool - brides of adelaide

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19 September 2015

As women, sticking to a budget is never easy! Our heart is saying, “treat yo self” while our bank account is screaming, “don’t treat yo self” – it’s a constant game of tug a war and we all know who wins in the end! So here at BOA HQ, we have come up with a fab budget planner that is sure to keep you well within your limits – your hubby will thank us later!

What a treasure this tool really is! Estimate your wedding expenses + keep track of all your actual costs + amounts paid under the sections provided, covering everything from accommodation to stationery + decor. Add payments and update items as you go to keep track of all the wonderful wedding suppliers you have paid + to see how much is left for those extra little indulges. This tool couldn’t be any easier if it tried – we have taken the stress out so you can enjoy your planning process! Get started with this FREE interactive online planning tool here...
brides of adeliade online wedding budget planning tool - brides of adelaidewedding couple kissing under a gazebo - brides of adelaide

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bride + groom kissing on their wedding day


5 September 2015

Grab your laptop ladies, its time to log onto our FREE online wedding planning tools! Our fabulous ‘tasks’ tool means that you’re in for a easy planning season, with step-by-step lists of the numerous tasks involved with planning your wedding. The hottest fashions, latest trends, helpful articles + much more – get started with your personal planning assistant and new best friend here...

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jasmine dowling wedding planning set up


11 September 2014

It's time to whip out your laptop and log on to our FREE interactive online wedding planning tools! Our 'tasks' tool ensure you're in for a stress-free ride, with step by step list of the many tasks associated with planning your wedding, with links to helpful articles, tips, latest trends and suppliers and the ability to set yourself email reminders! Get started with your digital personal planning assistant here...

wedding planning jasmine dowling brides of adelaide magazine
adelaide wedding planning tools interactive online brides of adelaide magazine

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jasmine dowling wedding planning laptop


25 August 2014

In today's digital world, the best way to get the message across is by sending an E-card to anyone, anywhere in the world! Use our FREE interactive online wedding planning tools to select an occasion design, such as engagement announcement, save the date, invitation or 'thank you' and customise it with your own photo for that personal touch. Why pay for postage!? Get started here...

wedding planning tools ecards brides of adelaide magazine

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18 August 2014

It's official - this amaze wedding planning tool is a must! Your Wedding Day Itinerary contains key info about your big day, such as your wedding schedule and handy contact details of your wedding suppliers (should anything not quite go to plan). What a relief to have every last detail so organised! Get started with this FREE interactive online planning tool here...

free online wedding planning tools brides of adelaide magazine

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14 August 2014

What a venue! Surrounded by the championship McCracken Golf Course with panoramic views of lush green fairways, McCracken Country Club is a fabulous location for your unforgettable destination wedding!! Choose your stunning function room (with ample windows for the amazing views, of course), or alternatively the undercover outdoor pavilion is an ideal spot for your pre-dinner drinks or as a separate alfresco area for the evening. Want to find out more? Contact the McCracken Country Club here...

adelaide wedding reception venue mccracken country club brides of adelaide magazineadelaide wedding reception venue mccracken country club brides of adelaide magazineadelaide wedding reception venue mccracken country club brides of adelaide magazineadelaide wedding reception venue mccracken country club brides of adelaide magazineadelaide wedding reception venue mccracken country club brides of adelaide magazineadelaide wedding reception venue mccracken country club brides of adelaide magazine

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4 August 2014

Our FREE interactive online wedding planning tools ensure you won't miss a single beat when it comes to wedding planning! Set yourself a reminder that will prompt you to meet with suppliers, pay deposits and send invitations on time! Think of it as your little personal assistant! Get started here...

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