12 April 2016

josph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaide

Since 1986, Joseph has made it his passion to present Adelaide with the highest quality men’s fashion from all around the world.

Istanbul-born, Joseph attained extensive product knowledge and extraordinary experience through his early years spent immersed in the magnificent textile trade, “I started working in menswear from a young age in the cut-throat bazaars of my home town and then later here in the competitive Adelaide retail market.” From humble beginnings, Joseph’s remarkable determination and savvy business mindset led him to the successful and talented apparel entrepreneur he is today, “I started selling clothes at the Austral Hotel, until I finally opened my first store on Rundle Street,” explains Joseph. From cutting made to measure suits in the backroom of his Rundle Street store early in his career, Joseph Uzumcu now delivers world class men’s garments, premium shoes and trendy accessories in his two-level Gawler Place emporium.

From an extensive list of outstanding achievements in the fabulous field of tailored ensembles, Joseph pleasingly reflects on his most proud professional accomplishment, the creation of his own shoe line called BVLOCK60. “Shoes have forever been a passion of mine and I have always imagined creating my own label,” says Joseph who keenly explains, “Shoes are the most important part of any outfit, especially for a man. The shoes you choose can ‘make’ the suit.. You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear.”

Stylishly mindful of the constant changes in men’s fashion, Joseph is always tastefully ‘on trend’ from top to toe, “Over the past ten years I’ve seen a shift in the younger generation, they are much more fashion conscience now. We have many grooms enter the store seeking something distinctive, whether it is the colour of the suit, the length of the trousers or the lining of the jacket.”

Step foot into the astonishing one-stop shop and you’ll be offered more than a closet full impeccable slimline suits and exceptional fabrics. Throughout his many wonderful years in the industry, Joseph’s commendable vision and wholehearted approach to customer service has remained the same, consistently greeting customers with a strong black espresso and a kiss on the cheek. “I treat all my clientele like family. We create an experience and a service that brings people back... I know all the details and lives of my clients. There is no point being in the business if you cannot have a laugh and a smile. It is about making the customer happy.”

josph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaide

favourite industry leader...

I love to follow the designer Paul Smith. His aesthetic and designs are simple and very ‘European’ inspired. I have learnt through him that style is more about what looks good on you rather than following a trend!


Creativity and uniqueness inspires me; you must generate interest through your own ingenuity and the uniqueness of your product. Clients have to desire your product in order for you to be successful. You want people to walk in and be truly amazed. I travel four to eight times a year and all my ideas come from my experiences. I take in what is new, interesting and exciting around the world. Traveling keeps me connected with what is ‘happening’ and fashionable in Europe.

josph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaide

most proud of...

Everything that I have achieved. You see many small retail shops closing these days due to the change in the market and consumer demands. I am proud Joseph Uzumcu has made it through. It takes a lot of hard work and you do make mistakes, however it eventually pays off. I achieved this with the help, love and support of my amazing wife and incredible employees.

a fresh approach to weddings...

We have had the same approach to weddings for the past twenty five years and it is still applicable to new clients today. We pride ourselves on supplying unique and stylish garments to men and presenting the best customer service in town.

today’s trends...

The rise of the dinner suit, the love of blue and the overall importance of the groom. The groom has now become (almost) as important as the bride, or at least wants to stand out as much as his leading lady, opting for stylish and eye-catching pieces such as burgundy dinner jackets.

josph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaide

a typical day at work...

It can certainly change from day to day. People come in, purchase suits and we have a bit of a laugh.

if I wasn’t in the industry I would be...

A restaurant owner.

best compliment...

I love when people compliment or praise the store!

what the future holds...

This year has been quite a significant change for us. We have recently moved from our location in Gawler Place, where we have been for twenty five years, to a space next door. The near future involves a lot of transformations within the store, moving merchandise and product around and expanding downstairs.

one thing about yourself people don’t know...

I am Turkish!

first thing I do when I get to work...

I peruse my schedule for the day, flick through my emails and check in with my staff. Then of course I grab a coffee and light up my cigar.

josph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaide

favourite place to eat and drink...

Amalfi’s and Ruby Red Flamingo. I also love the Lotus Lounge. It is very relaxed with good music and I can also enjoy a cigar.

a song always in my head...

Anything by Sezen Aksu, a beautiful singer from Turkey. Her songs are instantly stuck in my head every time I travel to Turkey or something reminds me of there.

my wardrobe can’t live without...

The most important thing to have in your wardrobe is a good pair of jeans. Throughout every season jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing a man or woman can own. It is also important that the jeans are good quality!

top of the shopping list...


josph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaidejosph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaide

can’t live without...

SoundCloud, cigars and coffee.

my idea of a good time...

Sitting with a cigar in my hand and listening to DJ Tarkan.

what makes you laugh?

John Cleese – he always makes me laugh.

josph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaidejosph uzumcu suit store - brides of adelaide

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Joseph Uzumcu


18 November 2014

Some men love a polo and jeans, others feel comfortable in chinos and military boots or perhaps your beau loves a bow tie...

You've spent hours pondering your dream gown - something to accentuate your favourite features and that makes you feel a million dollars. The groom often makes his appearance in a restricting suit complete with suspenders, vest and tuxedo jacket... does this accentuate his fave features? and make him feel a million dollars? If not, we have found some amazing ensembles for you man which are as comfy as they are stylish. We think they look scrumptious :)

Style suits with bow ties, open jackets, no jacket, open collar with no tie, tight jeans, mismatching coloured pants and tops or his favourite shoes... the possibilities are endless. Just remember to have some polished, formal elements to bring the look together. If there is no tie, ensure a nice jacket is worn, or if the pants are casual chinos or jeans ensure a tie and vest is worn.

Textured jackets are so hot! We love pairing jackets and shirts in different colours to create a "street style" vibe.

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beige jacket with purple bow tie / blue suit with checkered shirt / pale blue suit with open collar / vintage boho bride and groom / white and grey suit / cream corduroy vest / modern chic bride and groom / grey and white casual suit / white suit from groom


3 October 2014

Fashion and trends are not only seen at red carpet events and celeb-street-style steals. We think interior design is also an inspiring platform.

So your man has popped the question; why not use some colour to make your day pop also! Leading interior designers are showing us that adding splashes of colour into our home decor is right on trend and looks fantastic. Take a look at how you can do the same on your wedding day...

wedding decor - brides of adelaide - colour pop

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turquoise stools / wedding cake / yellow interior / groom with flowers / pink interior / bride with wedding bouquet / purple interior / ceremony isle / coral interior / coral wedding reception table  


13 August 2014

Sock it to me! Colourful, vibrant socks are all the fashion for menswear right now - so it's a fab idea to incorporate this cool trend into your wedding party. The photos will look incredible and your boys will be feeling mighty suave! Take a cue from these dapper gentlemen...

colourful groom wedding socks brides of adelaide magazinecolourful groom wedding socks brides of adelaide magazinecolourful groom wedding socks brides of adelaide magazine

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mens wedding fashionable colourful socks / mismatched wedding socks / purple wedding socks


6 June 2013

grooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazine

It is common these days for brides to ditch the traditional white bridal shoes in favour for some heels with a pop of colour. More and more grooms and groomsmen are opting to show some colour too in the form of brightly patterned socks under their suit pants...but now that suits are getting skinnier and brogues have reached cult status, men can mirror the ladies and wear an interesting pair of shoes on their wedding day. Who says only the ladies can indulge in fashion?

grooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazinegrooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazinegrooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazinegrooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazinegrooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazine

Brogues look cool and suave with skinny suits with a shorter pant hem than normal. If you want to be really creative, a pair of interesting socks will keep the look super trendy, or, if you're really brave, you can show off a bit of ankle. This look is definitely for the fashion forward groom! If you're looking for something a little more low-key, tan brogues are versatile and still edgier than classic black, particularly when worn with a navy or grey suit. If you've got your heart set on a pair of black brogues, try changing the shoelaces to a bright colour that matches your socks.

grooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazine grooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazine grooms shoes - brides of adelaide magazine http://www.bridesofadelaide.com.au/index.php?blog_single=104 http://www.bridesofadelaide.com.au/index.php?blog_single=104

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5 February 2013

If there is one tip you can give your husband before your big day it is this: “honey, you need to buy a skinny suit.” A slim cut suit is modern, edgy and very, very sleek. It is not just a passing phase either, a trend soon to be gone by the winter months - the skinny suit has slowly been working its way into our wardrobe for years and has finally hit cult status. When accessorising the sophisticated slim cut it is important to remember to keep your details in proportion; experimenting with shades and patterns is ideal but chunky shoes and a wide belt isn’t. Keep it simple with a contrasting pocket square, a slim watch and a skinny tie. If you can convince your husband to be to read an instruction manual (for once in his life) ensure it’s our skinny suit styling guide and he won’t be able to go wrong.

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get the look peter shearer 1. ties asos 2. shoes john lobb 3. pocket square asos 4. chronograph watch emporio armani 5. skinny suit topman 6. armani shirt ignition for men

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