10 August 2016

Menu napkin rings are contemporary and innovative idea we are loving! Clear space on tables for the fun stuff like creative decor and provide guests with an individual menu - no more fighting over a chunky leather-bound book to see what sauce comes with the chicken. These menus are accessible, adaptable to any wedding scheme and create a polished, refined and minimalistic table scape. So chic...

There are a magnitude of designs available online to download, or if you are tech-savvy design your own custom-made to suit your wedding and personal style.  Have fun with stationary - think brown paper bags, textured or embossed paper or a coloured alternative.

Font choice is also a critical element. A font says a million words - literally and metaphorically.  The cursive calligraphy in the image below is feminine and modest while the above images with sans script alludes to a modern and stylish affair.

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27 July 2016

bride and groom - brides of adelaide

Your typical cookie cutter, pre-packaged weddings are becoming a thing of the past – something you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been to a wedding in the past year or two. As millennials grow up and start tying the knot they are creating something one-of-a-kind, something that’s totally sharable on social media and something that actually stays pretty budget-friendly. And the wedding planning industry is paying attention.


Millennials aren’t afraid to take chances. It could be anything small like a colourful gown to a surprise wedding, but the biggest trend is infusing the couples personality into the wedding. A book loving couple might get married in a library or list certain quotes on their décor or read a paragraph during the ceremony, anything is possible. Finding unique and personal ways to celebrate your special day, without breaking the bank, is at the top of every Millennials mind.


Have you attended a wedding recently where there hasn’t ven the requisite #hashtag? Yeah, we didn’t think so either, it’s almost impossible these days, but its not an issue since its all about the sharing experience. Couples are using various apps to enhance the experience, like having Instagram images with the wedding hashtag printed there and then on the spot. Whether you’re sending a spontaneous wedding sing-along video on Snapchat or showing photos via Instagram hashtag a few weeks after the big day, spreading the joy has never been so easy.


Although the reception may be the big event, its all about the journey for the millennials. Gone are the days where weddings lasted just one day, these days they are two and three-day weekends at a destination of some sort.


Couples these days have one agenda, and hats to make their wedding pretty, pretty, pretty! Creating Pinterest boards and print screening from instagram for all things inspiration is somewhat of a pastime for millennials who have access to almost unlimited resources when it comes to conjuring up their dream wedding. Amazing locations, incredible décor, and fabulous fashions, it all comes down to the detail of the event itself.

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bride and groom


18 July 2016

It’s the day young girls spend their childhood planning. But like all young girls, we didn’t realise the hard – but fun + totally worth it– work that actually went into planning every detail of a wedding. Which brings me to my point – take a seat + let's talk wedding reception set-up, or more specifically - how do you choose between using long or round tables?! The answer? Well you’re a bride, decisions don’t come easy, but hopefully we can make it a little easier for you.

The vibe of your wedding reception greatly depends on how the evening is organised + one of the easiest ways to make your party feel welcoming + warm is with your wedding tables. Don’t doubt its ability to transform your venue of choice ladies – whether you’re having an intimate setting or a lavish affair, your set-up + styling plays a major role.

The three magic words when it comes to influencing your table design decision; say it with me ladies - venue size, centrepiece + interaction! Consider the sizing of the venue + which table style would allow you to efficiently utilise the space, along with what centrepiece design you are crushing over.

round wedding reception table - brides of adelaidelavish wedding reception with round tables - brides of adelaidemarquee wedding reception with round table settings - brides of adelaide


This one is the classic choice, if you are trying to achieve that timeless feel then this is definitely the way to go. As long as your centrepieces are cooperating, your guests can easily mingle with one another across the table, along with those seated to their left + right. Each round table takes a single centrepiece + round table cloths are easily accessible, coming in many sizes + colours – hello money saver!!

For a less traditional look, try mixing small + large sized tables for an eclectic feel + this way you can accommodate for the different sized groups on your guest list - it’s a win-win for everyone. One downside however, in a smaller space it is much harder to fit a large number of round tables as they don’t neatly fit against straight-edged walls + corners. So if you are short on space, this may not be the option for you + beau.

outdoor wedding reception with banquet-style tables - brides of adelaideelegant wedding reception with long tables - brides of adelaidewhite + gold wedding reception stylng with long tables - brides of adelaide


The long rectangle table is your more modern choice + a formal dining dream which has gained popularity amongst brides + grooms. Mingling opportunities for your guests are about the same as those on a round table – although those at either end of the table might have to shout to engage with one another. Creating a regally intimate atmosphere, the straightedges modernize these tables + work really well in both larger + smaller spaces.

We recommend choosing a few smaller, but striking centrepieces [taper candles, foliage runners] placed in a row down the centre of the table or why not try a hanging centrepiece filled with luscious foliage + florals. This style however may be a little annoying for those guests who are seated towards the middle of the table. Why? Could you imagine walking around the whole table just to use the bathroom or boogie it down on the dance floor. If a guest cancels last minute or is a no show, then the seating chart gets little thrown off and can be noticed as an empty seat.

round + long table wedding reception - brides of adelaide

BOA TIP: If you honestly cannot decide over both of these gorgeous options, why not combine both? We are all for bending the rules of tradition, who says you need just one table type – not us! There’s room for all of them at your table [pun intended].

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4 July 2016

bride getting ready on wedding day - brides of adelaide

It’s the final stretch, as you begin the countdown to the most important day of your life, there are a few things you need to remember. Before you immerse yourself fully into the excitement and whirlwind of the day, here are 7 things you should do 24 hours prior to your wedding day [you’ll thank us later]…


It is important to fuel your body with the right foods the night before your wedding. We understand that the greasy pizza and the block of Cadbury chocolate are screaming your name but it is essential to stick to fruit and wholegrain. Eating a meal that wont bloat you is best, try some steamed veggies and grilled chicken instead.


Keep a bottle on you at all times during the day. This will help you avoid any dehydration that stress and last minute running around can often cause, and not to mention will keep your skin looking fresh and those dark circles away.


Or at least try to tuck yourself underneath those covers at a decent hour and turn off your thinking cap.


Be prepared for any outfit or beauty related mishaps with an emergency survival kit. Include items like deodorant, bobby pins, safety pins, lipstick, mascara, hairspray, face powder, shoe inserts, tissues, panadol, Band-Aids and so forth. You never know what could go wrong.


This person's role is simple, collect all the gifts at the end of the wedding and do one final sweep of the venue when the party is over to make sure you didn't leave anything behind.


It is time to disconnect from the outside world – meaning say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stop replying to those text messages. Put your phone on silent and hand it to a responsible adult who will not give it back to you until the right time.


We understand that your wedding day can be very stressful, so make sure that you also take a little bit of time for yourself and relax. Indulge in a spa treatment or massage, listen to your favourite music and just take some time to really focus on yourself.

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bride getting ready on wedding day


27 June 2016

bride and groom with wedding rings

Its better to know this from the start: being a bride might not be as fairytale-like as you thought it would be! Not even all those times you snuck into your mums closet to try on her dress or the scrapbook that’s turned into a Pinterest board of flowers and cake can prepare you for the surprises of planning a wedding…

“What wedding fund?”

That is pretty much what you might hear from your parent’s mouths. All along you’ve assumed that your parents have set aside funds for your wedding when in fact they had used all their money to keep you clothed and well fed while you were growing up.

Things are pretty expensive

Once you explain to someone that you are planning a wedding, things start to get really pricey and the more conversations you have, the magic number somehow keeps getting higher! It is very likely you wont be saying I do in the lavish way Pinterest mislead you to believe…

Bridesmaids can get a little irritating

You’ve asked your nearest and dearest girlfriends to be your bridal tribe on the big day but it isn’t all sunshine and flowers! Every decision you make that affects them, from the neckline of their dresses to the shade of colour on their lips, will be met with complaining, criticism and a whole lot of debating.

You and hubby-to-be will fight

You are honestly going to think to yourself that someone has invaded the body of the man you thought was your fiancé during the planning process. All of a sudden the man of your dreams has an opinion about the reception tables and who should sit next to who at the reception; we promise, tension will rise! Never mind though, it is just the stress and it will calm down after the wedding.

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bride and groom with wedding rings


22 June 2016

bride and groom at wedding reception - brides of adelaide

The wedding etiquette rules of the bride and groom are often discussed quite openly with everything from the wording on the invitation to the guest list. Consider if you are purely just a guest at a wedding – does etiquette apply to you? Well believe it or not, there are a number of rules that you should keep in mind as a guest in regards to what is and what isn’t appropriate! Here are a few…


Being the best wedding guest that you can be starts from the moment you receive the invitation in the mail. A pet-peeve that we have all experienced at some point is having half your guest list not rsvp to your event leaving your catering and seat numbers in limbo – don’t be that person! In most cases, you have plenty of time to get your RSVP in so there are no excuses for sending it in late. If you are forgetful or tend to loose pieces of mail easily, make an effort to send your response the same day you receive the invite.


The bride is allowed to be late, you are not! Even though you know that this is common practise in weddings, you should still trying your absolute best to be there at the time advised on the invitation. There isn’t much more embarrassing then stumbling into the ceremony while it is already underway, and not to mention disrespectful to the couple.


You would think that this is one rule that would not need repeating, but here we are. Almost every wedding we have attended has had one or two guests break this cardinal wedding guest rule. If you aren’t sure whether your outfit is considered white or not, go with the latter and avoid wearing it. Don’t take any shine away from the bride; this is her day to stand out.


Keep your congratulatory chitchat to a minimum and don’t take offense if you don’t spend much time with the couple of the night. We understand you are excited to congratulate them but remember to keep in mind that they have many guests to greet and thank.


Being on your best behaviour goes hand in hand with drinking responsibly for many. The bottom line though is to not do anything that would draw attention away from the couple. We are saying a major NO to any loud, attention seeking and obnoxious behaviour – which includes your impromptu speech that no one really wants to hear. Always be polite, well mannered and gracious, it’s the better option than never being invited to one of your friends weddings again.

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bride and groom with guests at wedding reception


6 June 2016

wedding toast - brides of adelaide

Your bridesmaids usually are the girls that have seen by your side and seen it all with you; the bad boyfriends and breakups, the hair colour mishaps and bad eyebrows to the most embarrassing moments of your life – they know you better than anyone! Everyone worries about the best man mucking up the speech, but us girls have a tendency to ‘over share’, so maids listen up, these are the things you should NEVER ever mention in your speech to the happy couple.

We thought she was going to marry her last boyfriend but…

News flash!! Never, ever, ever bring up an ex-boyfriend in a wedding speech – no one, especially the groom, needs to or wants to hear all about the brides ex.

We can’t believe she finally got the ring…

Yes, some grooms take longer than others to propose, but don’t mention it in the speech, you don’t know the reasoning behind it.

If I had a dollar for every time they broke up…

Big no, no! Don’t discuss the trouble they have had as a couple, no relationship is perfect so stick to the good times and even share the good times you’ve had with them as a couple.

We never thought she was going to find anyone…

As girls we have all gone through a man-drought period, but mentioning your bestie’s single life will most likely get you in the bad books with her – so avoid it.

Remember when/ This one time…

There is no doubt that you girls had your fair share of fun and memories but take it from us, Grandma doesn’t need to know about the time you skinny dipped or those crazy nights.


Don’t steal the show. A wedding speech about the bride and groom isn’t your perfect opportunity to announce your engagement; this day is about them, not you!

I’m almost finished, just one more thing…

Keep it short, sweet and simple – if your notes are starting to turn into the novel of the century then cut it short. The bride and guests will thankyou for it

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wedding toast


11 May 2016

Ever wonder where the idea of “something old, new, borrowed and blue” came from or why its bad luck to see the groom before the wedding? Some wedding superstitions and traditions are so ingrained in our culture that we don’t even think to question them. We explored SIX and these are the results...

something old new borrowed and blue - brides of adelaide


It’s a rhyme many of us have heard tie and time again when someone is getting married, but what is the reasoning behind it? “Something old” represents the brides past, while her “something new" symbolizes the couples happy future together. The brides “something borrowed” is meant to be something from someone who is happily married in the hope that some of the good luck in that person’s relationship rubs off on her. And lastly, “something blue” denotes fidelity and love for one another.

bride and groom kissing in the rain - brides of adelaide


No bride likes the thought of a torrential downpour running her wedding day, but in some cultures it is deemed good luck and symbolises fertility and cleansing.

groom carrying brideon wedding day - brides of adelaide


Beginning in medieval Europe, this superstition had many believing that it was scandalous for a woman to show too much enthusiasm about losing her virginity, so the groom carried her to avoid looking too eager. It was also believed that the bride was vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of her feet. Today the groom carries his bride over the threshold not to ward of evil spirits, but as a romantic way to welcome her into his life.

bride and groom before wedding - brides of adelaide


This one dates back to the time of arranged marriages, when people believed that if the couple saw each other before the wedding, it would give them a chance to change their minds. Although arranged marriages are no longer common, most brides still choose not to see their groom before the wedding. Many believe it makes the day more exciting and memorable. However, some couples feel they’ll be more relaxed if they see each other for just a few minutes before the ceremony.

bride tossing bouquet - brides of adeladie


In medieval times, it was considered lucky to get a fragment of the brides clothing – often resulting in the brides gown being torn apart, so they looked for alternatives, resulting in bouquets being tossed. When the bride and groom made it to their wedding chamber, the groom would throw the garter to the crowds of people waiting outside as a way of saying he was about to “seal the deal.” In time, the garter came to symbolize good luck and today the practice usually involves the throwing the garter and bouquet to a group of single women and men; whoever catches it is believed to be the next to marry.

wedding cake - brides of adeladie


It used to be thought that once a wedding took place, a baby was going to come shortly after, so the wedding and christening ceremonies were often linked, as were the respective cakes that were baked for each occasion. As the time between weddings and christenings widened, the two events became disassociated and the reason for saving the top tier changed. Nowadays, couples enjoy saving the top layer of their wedding cake to eat on their first wedding anniversary as a reminder of their special day.

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