29 July 2016

Whimsical and oh-so-pretty floral crowns are a trend for carefree brides that is here to stay. Feminine, soft and relaxed, floral crowns bring a sense of magical whimsy to a wedding day. The best part is there's SO many gorgeous ways you can incorporate flowers into your hair! Whether you want a dramatic crowns or a few blooms here and there, there's something to suit every floral loving bride! It's a beautiful idea to use fresh blooms that match the varieties in your bouquet to create consistency throughout the styling.

pink and peach bridal halo crown - brides of adelaidebold and bright wedding flower crown - brides of adelaiderose flower crown - brides of adelaidestems design lilac boho flower crown - brides of adelaide

pink and peach bridal halo crown + sheer floral applique wedding dress / spring inspired orange, pink + blue bridal halo / fuchsia coloured rose flower crown + embroidered sweetheart neckline wedding dress / lilac boho inspired flower crown with lavender and lambs ear


28 July 2016

The music inspired wedding is vintage-chic and beautiful. Think sheet music, musical instruments and live music. Implement an element of music in as much of your wedding as you can for the perfect wedding styling. Use guitars, pianos, violins etc. at props! Imagine a guitar guest book, making for a gorgeous and sentimental keepsake. Treat your guests to pianists or live musicians to create a cool atmosphere to celebrate amongst, in style.

Sheet music is easily sourced and has a gorgeous vintage feel. A versatile textile which can used throughout your entire day! How amazing are all these gorgeous ideas?

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music love wedding decor / sheet music confetti cones / sheet music wedding centerpiece decor / wedding ring photography / music tea light candle decor / music note wedding cupcakes


27 July 2016

Naaawwww....it's what you're thinking isn't it? How cute are these little lads in their best ring-bearer get up? VERY CUTE we say! Little ring-bearers have a big responsibility - they will be delivering the rings after all, so ensure they look as dapper as can be whilst they're performing their special duties. Here's a few adorable and stylish ideas for the important little man on your wedding day [no, not your husband!]. From bow-ties to chinos, suspenders and fedoras, these little guys can be just as stylish [if not more so!] than the rest of the bridal party.

brides of adelaide magazine - ring bearerbrides of adelaide magazine - ring bearer

ring bearer fashion / ring bearer wedding fashion / black bow tie and suspenders / blue suit jacket and white chinos / striped shirt and polka dot bow tieknit vest and checker shirt ring bearer attire


27 July 2016

bride and groom - brides of adelaide

Your typical cookie cutter, pre-packaged weddings are becoming a thing of the past – something you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been to a wedding in the past year or two. As millennials grow up and start tying the knot they are creating something one-of-a-kind, something that’s totally sharable on social media and something that actually stays pretty budget-friendly. And the wedding planning industry is paying attention.


Millennials aren’t afraid to take chances. It could be anything small like a colourful gown to a surprise wedding, but the biggest trend is infusing the couples personality into the wedding. A book loving couple might get married in a library or list certain quotes on their décor or read a paragraph during the ceremony, anything is possible. Finding unique and personal ways to celebrate your special day, without breaking the bank, is at the top of every Millennials mind.


Have you attended a wedding recently where there hasn’t ven the requisite #hashtag? Yeah, we didn’t think so either, it’s almost impossible these days, but its not an issue since its all about the sharing experience. Couples are using various apps to enhance the experience, like having Instagram images with the wedding hashtag printed there and then on the spot. Whether you’re sending a spontaneous wedding sing-along video on Snapchat or showing photos via Instagram hashtag a few weeks after the big day, spreading the joy has never been so easy.


Although the reception may be the big event, its all about the journey for the millennials. Gone are the days where weddings lasted just one day, these days they are two and three-day weekends at a destination of some sort.


Couples these days have one agenda, and hats to make their wedding pretty, pretty, pretty! Creating Pinterest boards and print screening from instagram for all things inspiration is somewhat of a pastime for millennials who have access to almost unlimited resources when it comes to conjuring up their dream wedding. Amazing locations, incredible décor, and fabulous fashions, it all comes down to the detail of the event itself.

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bride and groom


26 July 2016

There’s nothing more sweeter than a little girl in a tutu, and if there was nothing more exciting for you than growing up to be a ballerina, make dreams come true with the ballerina bride style. Vintage and French inspired pieces like furniture, china, silver, chandeliers and crystal champagne glassware brings this fantasy to life. Think plenty of tulle and satin to adorn the day.

Imagine a lyrical performance from a ballerina en pointe before you make a grand entrance. Think ultra girly pinks, more ribbon than you can shake a stick at and an abundance of roses and you’re there. For your gown, big tulle skirts with clean lined bodices are a must paired with a sweet-heart neckline to embrace that femininity and elegance of a ballet theme. Think about perhaps including some chantilly lace for that ethereal look and a waist band to show off your curves.

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wedding ceremony ballet performance / wedding ballet style cupcakes / bridal hair ballerina bun / ballet inspired wedding photography / ballet inspired wedding photography 2 / flower girl tutu dresses / peony bridal bouquet / ballet inspired wedding table decor


25 July 2016

bride and groom destination wedding ceremony - brides of adelaide

The last thing a newlywed couple want when they return to the country is to find out that after the months of planning and money spent on their Big Day, it was not a legal ceremony. So how do you make sure that you and hubby-to-be will be recognised in Australia as married?

We’ve done the research and put together the basics that you need to know if you’re getting hitched overseas.


Trust us on this, you’ll be referring to the Australian Governments Smartraveller website regularly as your wedding date approaches.


As an Australian citizen or permanent resident, the foreign government may request that you have a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) issued. DFAT in Australia can issue a CNI, however many foreign governments will only accept CNIs issued by the Australian embassy within their country.


It is important to take into consideration that all countries have their own laws, legislation and requirements. Some foreign countries require to see both your passport and birth certificate to complete the marriage. In order to make sure your marriage is legitimate, it is best that you contact the embassy or consulate of the country in which you would like to marry for their advice on all marriage requirements.


A wedding planner based in the country you are getting married in is a blessing in disguise. Not only will they be fluent in and speak the language, but they will know all the suppliers and where to source products from and can help you you’re your budgeting. Also, being native to the country and having planned weddings before, they will be familiar to the governments rules and regulations, meaning your wedding will go of without a hitch.


Marriages entered into overseas are generally recognised as valid in Australia

  • if the marriage was recognised as valid under the law of the country in which it was entered into, at the time when it was entered into; or

  • providing the marriage would have been recognised as valid under Australian law if the marriage had taken place in Australia

bride and groom destination wedding ceremony


25 July 2016

How seriously stunning is this colour?! It is so under appreciated that we have take it upon ourselves to shine the spotlight on it. A nod to the ‘60s and ‘70s, cadmium orange evokes a sentiment or optimism, fun and fantasy. Both playful and sophisticated in its appeal, Cadmium Orange is a warm, welcoming and subtly dramatic orange shade that is striking enough to stand on its own or act as a bold contrast. A beautiful colour for autumn weddings, but don’t be afraid to utilise this is the gorgeous spring weather. 

naked wedding cake with cadmium orange flowers - brides of adelaidepolka dot cadmium orange grooms tie - brides of adelaidecadmium orange bridesmaid dresses - brides of adelaide

Orange can look opulent and expensive when accessorised with gold and other warm colours and textures or when paired with crisp white and even grey. Pack a punch with a statement making cadmium orange bridesmaid gown or let the flowers do the talking; the cooler months also provide stunning opportunities for fresh flowers in gorgeous hues.

wedding tablescape inspired by orange - brides of adelaidecadmium orange roses in vase - brides of adelaidecadmium ornge wedding place cards - brides of adelaideorange sorbet - brides of adelaide

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naked wedding cake with cadmium orange flowers / polka dot cadmium orange grooms tie / cadmium orange bridesmaid dresses / wedding tablescape inspired by orange / cadmium orange roses in vase / cadmium orange wedding place cards / orange sorbet


22 July 2016

Gorgeous hyacinths are ever the popular choice for bridal bouquets,and it's no wonder! Not only are they absolutely gorgeous blooms, but they're sweet fragrance will stay with you all day. Lovely hyacinths are beautiful on their own, however they are most often used as complementary flowers. The little flowers look simply stunning amongst a bridal bouquet of spring flowers and show off their beauty in shades of white, blue, pink and purple.

hyacinth wedding bridal bouquet brides of adelaide magazinehyacinth wedding bridal bouquet brides of adelaide magazinehyacinth wedding bridal bouquet brides of adelaide magazinehyacinth wedding bridal bouquet brides of adelaide magazinehyacinth wedding bridal bouquet brides of adelaide magazinehyacinth wedding bridal bouquet brides of adelaide magazinehyacinth wedding bridal bouquet brides of adelaide magazine

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lilac, pink + white bridal bouquet / grape hyacinth buttonhole / anemone + hyacinth bridal bouquet / lilac hyacinth bridal bouquet / peony + hyacinth bridal bouquet / hyacinth + white flower bridal bouquet / grape hyacinth bridal bouquet


21 July 2016

At the end of the fairy-tale, the princess always gets her happily ever after. Now it’s your turn. Pay tribute to all the poems, stories and tales that helped you dream up your Prince Charming with these gorgeous literary-themed décor ideas. From setting up shop in a lofty library to incorporating a few pages of a book into your flowers, there are plenty of ways to book it on your big day.

brides of adelaide magazine wedding decoration books diy brides of adelaide magazine wedding decoration books diy brides of adelaide magazine wedding decoration books diy

We so adore these DIY ideas for bookworms! If reading is your passion then incorporating books into your wedding day decor for style that truly reflects you is a must! Collect pre-loved books from second-hand shops and with some crafty skills you can bend and glue the pages to create masterpieces. Why not set the tone with brilliantly thought library-themed wedding invitations and scattered book pages as cascading table runners that you can craft yourself.

storybook ceremony backdrop - brides of adelaidebook page table runner - brides of adelaidestacked books with romantic quote decor - brides of adelaidewedding table stacked book centrepiece - brides of adelaidesuspended books wedding decor - brides of adelaide

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green hanging book / book pages and flowers / folded book wedding centrepiece / folded book wedding decoration / storybook ceremony backdrop / book page table runner / stacked books with romantic quote decor / wedding table stacked book centrepiece / suspended books wedding decor


20 July 2016

Think protein on the morning of your big day – it will keep you full, won’t bloat you and will give you long-term energy (unlike sugar!) A protein-fuelled breakfast of eggs, salmon, a yummy protein smoothie, or fruit and cottage cheese will keep you going throughout the busy morning! Quinoa and oats are grains full of protein that can be a delicious breakkie with berries or banana, honey and cinnamon. Even throw a small choc protein bar in your bag for during the busy day to stop your sugar-levels from dropping.

brides of adelaide magazine - protein - bridal breakfast - weddingbrides of adelaide magazine - protein - bridal breakfast - weddingyoghurt and fruit bridal breakfast - brides of adelaidepancake pop breakfast - brides of adelaideyoghurt museli and fruit wedding day breakkie - brides of adelaidebridal breakfast eggs and salmon - brides of adelaidefruit salad breakfast - brides of adelaide

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bridal breakfast table / wedding breakfast eggs / bridal breakfast invitation / yoghurt and fruit bridal breakfast / pancake pop breakfast / yoghurt muesli and fruit wedding day breakkie / bridal breakfast of eggs and salmon / fruit salad breakfast


20 July 2016

groom and bride dancing - brides of adelaode

There a new trend hitting the wedding scene, it mixes up the traditional schedule of a wedding day by throwing a MAJOR curve ball. Par-tay brides rejoice because this one is for you; the term “reverse wedding” has been throw around a lot and we are kind of in love with the idea!! What’s the gist? Well, you start your wedding off with the reception and end it with the ceremony – genius right?! This is the perfect idea for the non-traditional brides who want their big day to be more of a celebration and dance party than anything else.

This style of wedding is however still unconventional enough that you won’t find much information and helpful guides on how to throw one. That’s where we step in, we are here to show you how to pull it off with a bang and have everyone talking for many years to come..


This style of wedding is so different from what everyone is used to that you are going to have to explain the concept more than once – especially to grandma. Ease the pressure and stress of this by constantly reminding guests during thee lead up to the big day – at your engagement, put it on the save the date cards, your Facebook page and so forth. Just remember to have your bridal party and parents in the know so that they know exactly what the plan is.


Think along the lines of the New Year’s Eve countdown – it keeps everyone anticipating and builds the momentum for the night, which is exactly what you want to create at your reverse wedding. How to achieve this? There are a couple of ways, why not hang a clock that chimes every hour or have bridal party speeches every hour on the hour. If that’s not your style, you can simply have your MC announce it over the mic, or have a large countdown cards paced in a central spot for everyone to see. It will encourage your guests to pace themselves anf keep their energy levels up.


This isn’t your average sit-down, 3-course meal type of party and no one wants to touch food that’s been sitting out for over an hour on a buffet – the whole idea is to party. The key? Stick to heavy appetizers like quiches, croquette balls, fried calamari + spring rolls and so on – but remember to pace them out in logical order. Start with light, fluffy appetizers, then move onto heavier bite-sized foods and finish off with some sweet desserts.


If you thought music was a big deal at a normal wedding then you have no idea the importance of it at a reverse wedding – its kind of like a make or break type of situation. One bad song and you could kill the party vibe. Keep music transitional throughout the night – lounge music keeps conversations flowing during arrival times and can be increased in tempo and energy once food begins to come out. Have music start to increase into more party tunes slowly, which should get everyone in the mood to let loose on the dance floor. And when it’s time to wind down into the ceremony, you can scale it back to whatever vibe you want as a background for your I Do’s.


Its every girls dream to have more than one wedding dress – good thing a reverse wedding allows for that! If you can’t contain yourself to one outfit for the whole night, then go for gold and have multiple changes throughout the night. Greet your guests in a gorgeous jumpsuit or pantsuit then change into a killer cocktail/party dress for dancing and finish the night in the wedding dress of your dreams. Use your outfit changes to signal different stages of the night to your guests – but most importantly, make sure you are comfortable.


There is nothing worse than a drunk guy who ruins the whole night for everyone, so because nobody wants the party to get out of hand, make the last call about an hour before the ceremony is due to take place. This shows everyone that things are going to get more serious real soon.


If your night was a success then everyone should be well fed, danced out and ready for bed by the time the ceremony is over. Exit directly after the ceremony to signal to everyone that they too can leave and the night has come to an end successfully.

groom and bride dancing


19 July 2016

Burn baby, burn. This wedding is all about the glitz of the wild disco era; dazzling mirror balls and A LOT of fun. For the couple who love to dance and want their wedding to reflect the fun of a dance party, this wedding style is for you. We’ve put a modern spin on the retro era by toning down the colour scheme a little. Sparkly golds, navys and silver will turn disco fever wedding appropriate so you can maintain an element of style and still whip out your favourite dance moves from Saturday Night Fever.

hanging disco ball decor - brides of adelaidebrides of adelaide magazine - disco weddingbrides of adelaide magazine - disco wedding silver sparkle wedding shoes with gold lining - brides of adelaidemirror ball drink stirrers - brides of adelaide

There's no doubt about it, disco is funky, which is why your styling is going to be a little more eccentric than the average wedding. Mirrored balls are a must - but if you're worried about going too OTT, use them in more subtle ways than your usual in your face types hanging from the ceiling. Place cards on mini disco balls are so cute, or you can merely interpret the disco ball into a modern and cool alternative. These photo booth backgrounds are glitzy and very disco, and disco balls make a fabulous prop for guests to pose with. Bejeweled heels will also sparkle and do the job or you can add a touch of disco shine to your bouquet and bridesmaids outfits.

suspended disco ball wedding decor - brides of adelaidebrides of adelaide magazine - disco wedding brides of adelaide magazine - disco wedding

When you invite guests to a disco wedding, you're setting the standard high - they're going to expect to have a GOOD time. You need to set the atmosphere to get the dance floor crowded and everybody on their feet. Pick your favourite disco jams, and ensure the drinks are flowing. Put your drinks menus in photo frames that reflect your disco style and a mini disco ball on top of your cake is the perfect finishing touch. Finally, create the scene of the disco era with mirrored hanging lights and disco ball string lights that will ensure light is dancing over the walls all night.

glitter filled dancefloor - brides of adelaidebrides of adelaide magazine - disco wedding disco ball wedding drinking cups - brides of adelaide

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cluster of hanging disco ball decor / disco ball centrepiece / bride and groom banner / silver sparkle wedding shoes with gold lining / mirror ball drink stirrers / suspended disco ball wedding decor / silver sequin photobooth background / disco ball place cards / glitter filled dancefloor / disco inspired wedding heels / disco ball wedding drinking cups


19 July 2016

phil hoffman travel - brides of adelaide

Founder, owner and Managing Director of Phil Hoffmann Travel which commenced business twenty one years ago with two staff at Glenelg, Phil now employs over one hundred and thirty passionate and professional South Australians in seven locations, providing complete travel services worldwide; with quality customer care.

Phil was originally a teacher and his professor once asked him if he loved Chemistry – he said “I like it, but I don’t love it – I think I would like to travel” and his professor told him he should follow his dreams and do what he was passionate about! The rest they say is history.

phil hoffman travel - brides of adelaide


James Strong (ex Qantas) and Geoff McGeary, founder of APT for their vision and management style.


Apart from the rapid growth, the travel industry is constantly changing due to world conditions and events, and more importantly the amount of on-line travel we now do in conjunction with our bricks and mortar offices.


We have committed to be “More Than a Travel Agent” by introducing ourlifestyle series of Italian cooking classes, language classes and photography classes to enhance peoples travel experiences.


Destination weddings have become extremely popular e.g. Fiji, Bali, Tuscany, Queensland and Las Vegas to name but a few; Weddings on-board luxury ships in the Mediterranean or Caribbean where everything is arranged for you and guests at home can watch the ceremony via web-cam; our Honeymoon Registry is very popular and enables couples to have guests contribute to their honeymoon which is a gift they will remember forever.

phil hoffman travel - brides of adelaide


I am constantly motivated to be the best, I am inspired by leaders of successful companies and love to develop and introduce new products.


I have an Honours Degree in Chemistry and didn’t travel at all until I was twenty.


The reputation we have built over twenty one years, the dedication and passion of my staff, the respect and repeat business of our clients and the recognition by our suppliers and peers in the Industry.


I guess it must be being nominated for and voted as Australia’s No. 1 Travel Agent on eight occasions by our industry peers.


As the business expands, the challenge is to keep the family culture we have built at Phil Hoffmann Travel and to ensure that we maintain our philosophy of quality customer care.


At the moment it is all nursery rhymes and Playschool from watching DVD’s with the grandchildren.


About nine to ten hours, always busy and exciting. We have a wonderfully loyal clients and a dynamic Management team, and I always enjoy working with motivated staff. I love going to work every day!


I do ‘the rounds”, that is walk the floor, talk to the staff when and where possible and get a feel for the day and the market.


I am an avid reader and of course I observe global trends whilst overseas. We develop our own products to suit the South Australian market by identifying their needs.

phil hoffman travel - brides of adelaide


A good joke, a good movie and my Granddaughters, they are gorgeous!


I guess I would still be a teacher. It was my first profession and I held positions in staff development and training too, I loved teaching and it is still in my blood. We have developed our own Training Academy at Phil Hoffmann Travel to ensure our staff are constantly updated and qualified.


Holdfast Shores, Glenelg where I live. I swim every day and love the beach and the lifestyle.


I like both, depending on the occasion and love a good South Australian Shiraz.

Phil Hoffman


18 July 2016

"Darling, darling I simply just love Tiffany's!" Ms Golightly [aka Audrey Hepburn] was onto something in the classic film, and one of our all-time favourites, 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'. Her infatuation with the jewellers and endearing nature has had women everywhere swooning for diamonds and class for decades. Infuse your special day with the unmistakable charm and sophistication that comes so effortlessly to Holly Golightly and create a day to remember...

champagne flags blue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazinebox cakes blue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazinewhite dress blue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazine

The classic Tiffany blue shade should act as the base of your styling - a hue that goes oh so beautifully with silver and white! The colour reminds one of the excitement and glamour that comes with receiving a little special something in a lovely Tiffany & Co. box. To create a theme, it's a fabulous idea to scatter pearls along your tables as centrepieces and to use faux Tiffany & Co. boxes as favours filled with deliciously delectable cupcakes.

white flowers blue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazinebow bridal shoes blue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazineballoons blue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazinetiffany blue inspired wedding pinata - brides of adelaide

table setting blue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazineblue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazineblue breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower brides of adelaide magazine

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tiffany blue wedding champagne flags / tiffany blue bridal shower cakes / white bridal shower dress / tiffany blue and silver manicure / tiffany wedding centrepieces white flowers / tiffany blue bridal shoes / tiffany blue wedding drink / tiffany blue inspired wedding pinata / tiffany & co wedding table setting / tiffany blue wedding balloons / tiffany blue wedding macaron dessert


18 July 2016

It’s the day young girls spend their childhood planning. But like all young girls, we didn’t realise the hard – but fun + totally worth it– work that actually went into planning every detail of a wedding. Which brings me to my point – take a seat + let's talk wedding reception set-up, or more specifically - how do you choose between using long or round tables?! The answer? Well you’re a bride, decisions don’t come easy, but hopefully we can make it a little easier for you.

The vibe of your wedding reception greatly depends on how the evening is organised + one of the easiest ways to make your party feel welcoming + warm is with your wedding tables. Don’t doubt its ability to transform your venue of choice ladies – whether you’re having an intimate setting or a lavish affair, your set-up + styling plays a major role.

The three magic words when it comes to influencing your table design decision; say it with me ladies - venue size, centrepiece + interaction! Consider the sizing of the venue + which table style would allow you to efficiently utilise the space, along with what centrepiece design you are crushing over.

round wedding reception table - brides of adelaidelavish wedding reception with round tables - brides of adelaidemarquee wedding reception with round table settings - brides of adelaide


This one is the classic choice, if you are trying to achieve that timeless feel then this is definitely the way to go. As long as your centrepieces are cooperating, your guests can easily mingle with one another across the table, along with those seated to their left + right. Each round table takes a single centrepiece + round table cloths are easily accessible, coming in many sizes + colours – hello money saver!!

For a less traditional look, try mixing small + large sized tables for an eclectic feel + this way you can accommodate for the different sized groups on your guest list - it’s a win-win for everyone. One downside however, in a smaller space it is much harder to fit a large number of round tables as they don’t neatly fit against straight-edged walls + corners. So if you are short on space, this may not be the option for you + beau.

outdoor wedding reception with banquet-style tables - brides of adelaideelegant wedding reception with long tables - brides of adelaidewhite + gold wedding reception stylng with long tables - brides of adelaide


The long rectangle table is your more modern choice + a formal dining dream which has gained popularity amongst brides + grooms. Mingling opportunities for your guests are about the same as those on a round table – although those at either end of the table might have to shout to engage with one another. Creating a regally intimate atmosphere, the straightedges modernize these tables + work really well in both larger + smaller spaces.

We recommend choosing a few smaller, but striking centrepieces [taper candles, foliage runners] placed in a row down the centre of the table or why not try a hanging centrepiece filled with luscious foliage + florals. This style however may be a little annoying for those guests who are seated towards the middle of the table. Why? Could you imagine walking around the whole table just to use the bathroom or boogie it down on the dance floor. If a guest cancels last minute or is a no show, then the seating chart gets little thrown off and can be noticed as an empty seat.

round + long table wedding reception - brides of adelaide

BOA TIP: If you honestly cannot decide over both of these gorgeous options, why not combine both? We are all for bending the rules of tradition, who says you need just one table type – not us! There’s room for all of them at your table [pun intended].

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15 July 2016

Fancy your guests waking up the day after your wedding with a little vase of fresh blooms to brighten their morning? Gift them little miniature bouquets as sweet wedding favours that will put a grin on their face over Sunday morning breakky...
wedding flowers brides of adelaide magazinewedding flowers brides of adelaide magazinewedding flowers brides of adelaide magazinewedding test tube flower seating place cards - brides of adelaiderustic wrapped flowers - brides of adelaide

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pink wedding flowers + black cone / white tulips + brown paper / various wedding flowers with brown paper / wedding test tube flower seating place cards / rustic wrapped flowers


14 July 2016

For a rustic-chic wedding style, try incorporating twine into your décor. From invites, tablescape and decorative elements. – twine adds texture and exudes creativity and flair. It’s accessible and is a subtle style to integrate into any colour palette.

Twine-wrapped bottles are a super cute and effective decorative element. Such an affordable and easy diy project with the coolest results! How vintage/rustic does this old wine bottle look.

Adding twine to your wedding bouquet will tie the theme into your fashion and accessories, doubling as your bouquet handle.

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twine wedding decor / twine wedding centerpiece / twine decorated card box / twine wrapped wedding bouquet / twine wedding invites / twine wrapped bulb wedding decor / twine style table runner / twine decorated wedding napkin / photos strung on twine


13 July 2016

wedding dress shop rack - brides of adelaide

We know it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear, and you want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect! So because of this, we have narrowed down 6 quick tips that will make the experience a breeze and ensure that you have no regrets later down the track…


Reality shows always show the bride bringing her whole bride tribe dress shopping and usually ends in major drama. Having 10 different opinions makes it much harder to come to a consensus- and it can bring you further away from what you actually want. Two people who honestly have your best interests at heart is the best option – whether it be your mum and sister or best friend! You can always bring your girl gang to the final fitting!


When it comes to trying on a dress, bring an iPhone with you and take photos of the dress as well as videos. It is important to see how the dress fits from all angles, what it looks like when you walk around, sit down and so forth.


We love a bride who does her own thing when it comes to making a fashion statement, but for a majority of brides it’s not the case. Stick to dresses that are timeless and classics; don’t follow trends because 30-40 years down the track, you don’t want to regret your choice.


Your wedding dress is something you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl – you know the exact style, cut and fabric you want – but don’t let it cloud your judgement. We have heard so many stories of brides who search for a particular style of dress and end up with something completely different once they try it on. So if you’re a bride looking for something simple, trying on a princess style dress may not be such a bad thing…


It’s the one dilemma brides everywhere face – do I or don’t I wear a veil on the day?! There is no harm in trying one on with your gown selection, you never know, you just might surprise yourself!


Buy two pairs of shoes - one pair for the ceremony and a comfortable pair for the reception, so you can party all night long. Bring both pairs plus any accessories to your fittings.

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wedding dress shop rack


13 July 2016

Every body do the twist! If you're on the hunt for an up 'do with plenty of elegance, but a dash of difference, look no further than these supremely amazing twisted bridal hair styles! Each one varies, but each one includes a beautiful twist, from chignons to french 'do's! They're perfect for the wedding, or a hot summer's day when you want to look sophisticated, but have your hair tied away.

twisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazinetwisted braid wedding hair brides of adelaide magazine

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double twist bridal chignon / twisted bridal hair crown with golden accessory / intricate twisted bridal bun / twisted bridal bun + crown / side view of twisted bridal chignon / twisted bridal up 'do / retro style twisted bridal bun / twisted bridal up 'do / french style twisted bun


12 July 2016

Save water, and drink wine with your girls! Your bridal shower should be spent celebrating you and doing something you love. If you love your grapes, [fermented, in a glass] then a wine tour could be the perfect idea for your party.

Grab your girls, charter a bus or throw a small affair at home and enjoy a good drop of vino. We are so lucky in Adelaide to have beautiful wine regions virtually at our doorstep. Frock up for a classy affair, invest in a good Brie and your day is set. Choose some cute wine orientated games to play and there you have it, the perfect bridal shower for a food and wine lover.

wine glasses with chalk base - brides of adelaide

Design a cute "supply" box for each of your girls for the day. Some Bandaids, wine tasting tips, a small bottle of water and some Panadol (for the next morning) are some cute ideas.

Bachelorette Party  Bridal Shower 

wine tasting bridal shower / wine glasses with chalk base / guess that wine game / bridal shower gift box / wine tasting / champagne tasting / save water drink wine sign / dark choc cabernet cupcakes


12 July 2016

blanco whos who - brides of adelaide

Steve started his career as an apprentice chef and worked in various prestigious restaurants, function venues and hotels. Whilst he enjoyed aspects of cooking, Steve was always excited by the challenges of catering special events either on site or off site venues. It is always nice seeing people enjoying themselves and knowing you have contributed to that is a pretty special feeling too, says Steve. Christopher started working in the Hospitality Industry from the very early age of fifteen, working a family hotel and function centre in Gawler. The industry supported Christopher’s final years of high school and the early years of his Economics degree studies at University. In the late eighties and early nineties, the hospitality industry in South Australia and specifically Regency TAFE Hotel School received great acclaim and International recognition and Christopher changed career paths to hospitality and pursued his Hospitality Diploma and Bachelor qualifications. The Hospitality Industry fulfilled my love of interacting with people and allowed me to pursue my entrepreneurial business endeavours, says Christopher.

Today, Blanco Food & Events is a leading caterer within South Australia with expertise going back over thirty years. Its principals, Steve and Christopher, are backed by a professional team that have gained their knowledge across many hospitality businesses over many years and who are focused on delivering an exceptional experience. Blanco Food & Events has been recognised by peers and associations locally and at a national level. The Company has received eight local Restaurant and Catering Awards, is twice a member of the SA Restaurant and Catering Hall of Fame and has been awarded the 2008 National Caterer of the Year.

Blanco Food and Events currently employs over one hundred professional and highly skilled supervisors, co-coordinators, chefs, kitchen and wait staff to meet the needs of all types of weddings and functions. Their qualified staff is specifically selected to allow Blanco Food & Events to provide a consistently high standard of service to all clients. Their mission is to deliver a memorable experience and go beyond the expectation of both their clients and their wedding guests and have people talking for days.

blanco whos who - brides of adelaide


Every event or wedding we do is especially important to each and every one of our clients. That has always been the inspiration and drive for us to succeed and deliver the best we can possibly do.

A fresh approach to wedding catering...

Our big advantage we have is being able to provide a range of venue facilities and catering options to suit different styles and size events. We are able to provide our high standard of food and service in a restaurant, function venue or any off site venue.

blanco whos who - brides of adelaide

Latest trends...

Garden weddings; less formal, but casual and sophisticated. Better quality food and coffee.

Changes over the years...

A few years ago I formed a business partnership with Christopher, an experienced and trusted industry friend. We acquired the Botanic Gardens Restaurant initially and then the contract for Sanctuary Adelaide Zoo. We also moved our offices and catering operations to new premises on Payneham Rd, Stepney. Meeting the challenges of new venues, increased growth and constant change has kept us focussed on all aspects of the business.

Where ideas come from...

Keeping our eyes and mind open and aware of what’s happening and what can be achieved.

First thing I do when I step into work...

Say hello to everyone.....it’s always nice to greet people when you see them.

Most proud of...

Personally it would be my family and professionally it would be our staff.

Something people don’t know about me...

I’m an Aquarian.

What makes you laugh?

My son Tyson.

If I wasn’t doing this, I would be..

An architect.

Favourite place to hang out...

Home....I’m hardly ever there, so it is nice to chill there.

Can’t live without?

My two son’s Jordan and Tyson.

Which 5 words best describe you?

Honest, optimistic, inventive, alternative and friendly (common traits for an Aquarian).

Red wine or champagne...


Favourite wedding quote...

The main thing that makes your wedding special, is that it is ‘your wedding.’

blanco whos who - brides of adelaide

Best compliment...

There are for me three elements to this: 1 our staff who work and are loyal to us for many years: 2 repeat customers who become ambassadors for your business and help continue to grow as they become one of your primary means of advertising and marketing and: 3 I feel the best compliments comes from wedding testimonials of couples and their families, where they make reference to our business helping them with creating one of the most special days of their lives.

A fresh approach to wedding catering...

As owner operators we are only one level away from the bridal couple and the accountability to provide this level of service. Our mission and that of our staff is to deliver a memorable experience. Our aim is to go beyond the expectation of both our clients and our guests and have people talking for days. The fact that around 90% of our business comes from referrals is testimony to this.

Most proud of...

The Company’s state and national catering awards, it is a recognition of excellence and that we are industry leaders, it becomes one of principles tools of advertising and marketing and our continued success. This current year we were recognised as South Australia’s 2011 Venue Caterer of the Year with our Sanctuary Adelaide Zoo Function and Event Centre. We were also recognised nationally at the Australian 2011 Event Awards Best Achievement in Catering with our “The Cook, The Chef and The Winemaker” themed dinner also conducted at Sanctuary Adelaide Zoo Function and Event Centre.

Something people don’t know about me...

I have successfully completed the Adelaide marathon in August 2002 – I took up running the year prior with the sole goal of running a marathon and was successful, sadly that year was the last I ran. With any intensity, training for a marathon was like having a second job – running 75 km – 100 km a week was not something I felt I could sustain long term.

What makes you laugh?

I am very much a fan of English comedy, John Cleese and Faulty Towers and Rowen Atkinson and many of his characters.

If I wasn’t doing this, I would be..

If I was not a restaurateur or event caterer – I would love to be a pilot, I guess

Favourite place to hang out...

I am very big fan of the fashionable pub scene, I enjoy the relaxed environments, it is very much about hospitality and enjoyment, it is in contrast to the formal nature of our restaurant and event business.

Can’t live without?

My wife Karen and children Elliott, Austinn and Piper, with our profession being so demanding, they provide the love, inspiration and balance in my life to make it complete.

Which 5 words best describe you?

Intense, professional, dedicated, trustworthy, supportive/compassionate.

Red wine or champagne...

Depending on the environment, for all celebrations that I share with my wife and family champagne and any vintage, it has to be French for the romance, on our wedding night we drank 1983 Bollinger Grande Annee. Our local sparkling are more than comparable, but often it is all about the romance. With my best friends red wine, a little bit masculine, Australia and South Australia have some leading wine labels of the world and working at Penfolds Magill Estate cemented my love and interest in all wines RED! My favourite label of Penfolds wine is Bin 707.

Blanco Food & Events


11 July 2016

The way that these two gorgeous colours play off each other is pretty perfect, just like you and your beau! You’re gold [vibrant and beautiful] and he is brown [strong and stately] – put the two together and you cant help but fall in love!! You’ll quickly realize these two colours blend beautifully because they are practically the same hue, the difference being a touch of fabulous shimmer. Take a look and prepare to be mesmerised…

gold inspired wedding dress - brides of adelaidetiered white wedding cake with gold leaf decor - brides of adelaidebrown and gold wedding makeup - brides of adelaide

Introduce your guests to your colour scheme from the get-go with your invites. Gold-foiled finish with a natural style lends a sense of glamour and elegance to the design, just the right impression you want to make on your guests. Don’t be shy about gathering various shades of gold for your wedding decorations. For example, the tablescape below features classic gold taper candles in brushed gold candle stands. The floral centerpieces have yet another shade of golden leaves tucked inside the greenery. Brown and gold wedding decorations blend together beautifully, lending just enough contrast to create a brilliant look yet still remaining soft and inviting.

gold and brown inspired wedding table styling - brides of adelaidegold wedding shoes - brides of adelaidegold grooms suit with brown tie - brides of adelaidegold foil wedding invitation - brides of adelaide

Gold Wedding Ideas  Wedding Colour Themes  Wedding Ideas  Wedding Styling 

gold inspired wedding dress / tiered white wedding cake with gold leaf decor / brown and gold wedding makeup / gold and brown inspired wedding table styling / gold leaf wedding bouquet / gold wedding shoes / gold grooms suit with brown tie / gold foil wedding invitation


9 July 2016


susie and steve marriage milestone - brides of adelaide

Administrative Officer Susie and Senior Director Steve met at the Archer Hotel in North Adelaide after initially chatting online. Susie and Steve were together for two years before Steve popped the question in the house they were renovating together via the expedient method of hiding the engagement ring in an empty paint can. Both romantic and creative!

They had an eleven month engagement to give them time to plan, as they had great expectations of what they wanted their wedding to be like. We designed our ceremony from the ground up with the assistance of Flinders University Chaplain, Geoff Boyce and his wife Sandy, says Susie. Steve’s Dad, John played a key role in the ceremony and the entire wedding party also had a hand in the planning leading up to the big day. We married at The Woodhouse in Piccadilly, surrounded by one hundred and twenty special guests. Our wedding had a carnival atmosphere, with a jumping castle and a performance by the Amazing Drumming Monkeys!

What was it about Steve that first appealed to you?

Steve’s intelligence, humour, creativity and natural flair for being extraordinary initially caught my eye! He is also a very accomplished musician!

What does marriage mean to you?

To me, marriage is the ongoing practice of friendship, compassion, understanding, communication and love, trust and respect between two people.

The best part of being married...

My favourite part of marriage is that my husband is my best friend. He is my sounding board for new ideas and my ally in times of adversity. My life would be very boring without him!

Secrets to creating and sustaining lasting love...

Trust, respect and compassion. Good communication is essential. Choose your battles wisely and be prepared to compromise. It also helps if you can cook well!

Favourite memory about Steve...

My favourite memory of Steve is at a New Year’s Eve party we went to in Margaret River last year. Steve was keeping everyone entertained with his jokes and musical talents, making up an hilarious Paul Kelly-inspired song about tomato sauce flavoured chips!

What made you laugh the hardest whilst being married?

My husband regularly makes me laugh without even trying! His wit and sly sense of humour gets me every time!

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Pay off the mortgage and travel around the world!

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?

Living out an agrarian utopia dream, surrounded by friends, family and lots of chickens!

If you could have dinner with three people, who would they be?

Maggie Beer, who, apart from being one of my favourite people on the planet is some of the inspiration behind our agrarian utopia dream. Tim Minchin, who, like my husband, understands the need for more songs about tomato sauce flavoured chips in the world and Charles Darwin, whose research and discoveries changed the face of science forever.

If you could be invisible, what would you do?

I would go to one of the UN Security Council meetings and poke people I thought were making poor decisions!

What do you still enjoy doing together?

We’ve become really interested in permaculture and sustainability since purchasing 20 acres of land in Mt Barker Springs. So far we’ve learned how to mend fences, identify weeds, install irrigation, mend roofing and wrangle sheep (not very well!!). Susie is studying horticulture and still loves to cook (Steve loves to eat!).

If your life was turned into a movie, which actor would play you?

I’m very vain, so it would have to be Monica Bellucci, who is spectacularly beautiful!

Favourite love and marriage inspirational quote...

“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” Khalil Gibran

susie and steve marriage milestone - brides of adelaide

What was it about Susie that first appealed to you?

Susie was really making the most out of every moment of her life after recovering from a serious illness. She has an infectious enthusiasm about friends and food and music.

What does marriage mean to you?

It’s about sharing the journey of life with Susie and about committing to a partnership strong enough to last through the ups and downs, and hopefully kids!

The best part of being married...

Definitely the unconditional friendship and love but also it’s great just planning and looking forward building a future together.

Favourite memory about Susie...

It’s probably the look on her face when she opened the paint tin I hid the engagement ring in for her to find when we were renovating and the incredible stunned silence (a first!!), followed by a hilarious line something like ‘is this really for me?’. Yes darling, it’s for you :)

What are your secrets to creating and sustaining lasting love?

There’s only one: happy wife, happy life!

What made you laugh the hardest whilst being married?

You mean apart from my occasional attempts to cook?

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Is that tax free??? Develop our Adelaide hills acreage into a sustainable living estate and host classes on the weekends for people who want to learn how to take care of small acreage and to cook locally grown produce. I’d also fund some micro credit loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

If you could have dinner with three people, who would they be?

Yoda (Star Wars) because he’s wise yet funny and can do incredible party tricks involving levitating large objects with the wrinkle of an eye brow; Steve Jobs because of his inspirational commitment to creativity and sprit, and Mary Magdalene who I’m hoping could clear up a few historical questions a few of us have from biblical times.

How have you made your marriage successful?

Patience (on her part!).

If you could be invisible, what would you do?

Um, so would this be like a situation where if you wear a hat then others just see a hat floating around in space? If so, I’d need to take off my clothes to be completely invisible right? And as a follow up, just how long would this invisibility thing last for? I’m really not sure about this whole idea…

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?

Susie and I are in a double hammock sipping our home grown Apple cider watching the kids mow the lawn?

If your life was turned into a movie, which actor would play you?

Geoffrey Rush – he seems to have played most other people!

How did you celebrate your first wedding anniversary?

Embarrassingly, Susie forgot it was our anniversary and had planned a Christmas party for the day before our anniversary, so we had a ‘surprise’ anniversary/Christmas celebration with our friends!

How did you celebrate your most recent anniversary?

With a quiet lunch together in Hahndorf.

susie and steve marriage milestone - brides of adelaide


8 July 2016

When it comes to creating decor for your outdoor wedding, think outside the box - and perhaps think inside a drawer instead! Pre-loved furniture chests or bedside tables are a fabulous way to display fresh blooms - ideal for a dessert table or simply as a way to brighten your location. We absolutely love!!

flower furniture decor drawers diy wedding brides of adelaide magazineflower furniture decor drawers diy wedding brides of adelaide magazineflower furniture decor drawers diy wedding brides of adelaide magazineflower furniture decor drawers diy wedding brides of adelaide magazinewedding card station white drawer filled with flowers - brides of adelaidelavish wedding floral display - brides of adelaide

Bouquets & Flowers  Wedding Flowers  Wedding Flowers  Wedding Styling 

wooden flower drawer wedding decoration / bedside table flower drawer decoration / white vintage flower drawer decoration / brown chest of drawers wedding flower decoration / wedding card station white drawer filled with flowers / lavish wedding floral display


7 July 2016

Present your little flower girls with the gift that keeps on giving with these little mementos to treasure until their wedding day. When the time comes for their search for ‘something old’, they will be able to use the special little gift from your wedding day! xx

flowergirl handkerchief wedding gift brides of adelaide magazine flowergirl handkerchief wedding gift brides of adelaide magazine flowergirl handkerchief wedding gift brides of adelaide magazine flowergirl handkerchief wedding gift brides of adelaide magazine

Flower Girls 

white + lace flower girl handkerchief / infinity bracelet flower girl gift / earrings flower girl gift / handkerchiefs flower girl gifts


6 July 2016

Every bride deserves a glowing radiant glow on her wedding day! While we are long-time believers in beauty products (check out the latest Brides Of Adelaide Magazine for our pick of must-have wedding day skin boosters), we also appreciate the power of nature! These face masks are created using ingredients in your fridge and will give your complexion the perk it needs...

1. Avocado and Egg White

It may sound like an odd combo, but avocado and egg whites can work wonders for oily skin (the oils in avocado re-hydrate under the surface of the skin, actually allowing it to stop over-producing sebum). Eggs are well known for their whitening properties and the lemon is a natural disinfectant, helping to clear imperfections:

Mix the following in a bowl to create a paste and leave on skin for 20 minutes:

1 ripe avocado pitted, peeled and mashed*

1 egg white

1 tsp lemon juice

bridal wedding day skin routine care mask diy brides of adelaide magazinebridal wedding day skin routine care mask diy brides of adelaide magazinebridal wedding day skin routine care mask diy brides of adelaide magazinebridal wedding day skin routine care mask diy brides of adelaide magazine

2. Cucumber Face Mask

Take advantage of the soothing and refreshing nature of cucumber with a homemade cucumber face mask! Cucumber also hydrates, cleanses and reduces swelling, making it a fabulous and comfortable choice for all skin types before the big day. Yes, you'll be feeling super refreshed after this simple treatment!

You will need:

1 egg white

A few mint leaves

1 cucumber

Blend a few mint leaves with a cucumber. Beat the egg white until frothy and mix with the mint and cucumber, then apply to your face for 25 minutes. We recommend adding a few slices of cucumber while you're waiting to reduce puffiness around the eye area and look your most radiant self!

bridal makeup wedding glow brides of adelaide magazine

bridal face mask / avocado for pre-wedding face mask / eggs for pre-wedding face mask / cucumber for pre-wedding face mask / glowing natural bridal makeup


6 July 2016

Wedding reception lounge areas have increased in popularity over the years, and for obvious reasons. Whether it’s an elderly relative looking for a place to relax or a guest who doesn’t enjoy dancing with their two left feet, offering comfortable lounge areas for your nearest and dearest ones to gather around is a greet way to add style to your big day. Many couples have dreamed up seating that feels inventive, fun and perfectly matches the theming and vibes of the party.

elegant marquee wedding lounge area - brides of adelaideopulent reception lounge area - brides of adelaidevintage furnished lounge area - brides of adelaide

We particularly love them for expansive venues, including outdoor lawns, tented bashes, beach weddings, and ballrooms. But even if you're not getting married in one of these types of venues, you can certainly create a seating area for guests to enjoy! Glam, vintage or boho, channel your living room and add cushy couches, fluffy pillows and pretty armchairs.

outdoor palette reception lounge seating - brides of adelaiderustic chic outdoor lounge area - brides of adelaidemodern marquee wedding lounge area styling - brides of adelaidewedding reception lounge area - brides of adelaideelegant wedding reception lounge set up - brides of adelaide

elegant marquee wedding lounge area / opulent reception lounge area / vintage furnished lounge area / outdoor palette reception lounge seating / rustic chic outdoor lounge area / modern marquee wedding lounge area styling / wedding reception lounge area / elegant wedding reception lounge set up


5 July 2016

A destination wedding is fun for all of those involved! If you and hubby-to-be have decided to head down this path then you have come to the right place – it is time to kick-start your destination wedding planning. Your save the dates should be sent six months to a year from your wedding date, your guests have lives and the more notice you give them the better, especially when traveling on a holiday weekend or to a far off land. There are so many fun ways to share the news – from passport themed invitations to messages in a bottle and more!

passport inspired wedding invitation suite - brides of adelaidemodern save the date invitation suite - brides of adelaideluggage tag wedding save the date - brides of adelaide

Make sure that you include as much information as you can for your guests so they can learn more about the specifics. Make sure that you include the accommodation options so that all your guests can reserve a room at the same hotel and be central to the celebrations; it makes your life as a bride so much easier. Bag tags are such a super cute idea and your guests will love using them en-route on their luggage.

air mail inspired destination wedding save the date - brides of adelaidepostcard inspired destination wedding save the date - brides of adelaidedestination save the date luggage tags - brides of adelaide

Wedding Invitations 

passport inspired wedding invitation suite / modern save the date invitation suite / luggage tag wedding save the date / air mail inspired destination wedding save the date / postcard inspired destination wedding save the date / destination save the date luggage tags


5 July 2016

colour cosmetica - brides of adelaide

Business partners Rebecca and Angela are the brains and beauty behind one of South Australia’s innovative and progressive, award winning beauty design studio in the East End of Adelaide, Colour Cosmetica. They embrace natural beauty and team it with quality fashion trends that are high in design and colour.

With over twelve years in business, professionals and industry leaders, Colour Cosmetica is available for services in hairdressing, make up, beauty salon retail cosmetics, jewellery, books and contemporary art, specialising in the bridal industry, editorial, catwalk and photography. Colour Cosmetica’s brand is well known in the wedding and fashion industry for their quality and service.

Colour says a lot about your personality, mood and state of well-being, says Rebecca. Colour Cosmetica can work with you to develop the perfect colour palette for your eyes, lips and cheeks. Your skin is a canvas on which Colour Cosmetica apply the ideas of balance, design and colour to create a harmony for your skin and for your soul. Their all encompassing commitment to colour has meant that their wide range is comprised solely of products that live up to our physical and artistic mission. Colour Cosmetica epitomises passion, elegance, beauty; with seasonal collections and an ever changing and expanding body of work the Colour Cosmetica team provides inspiration and style direction for men and women.

Favourite industry leader?

Channel, classic, timeless and classy.

What drew us to the beauty industry...

We love a challenge, we love to teach and enjoy working with people. We love to make people feel great about themselves.

A fresh approach to beauty...

Colour Cosmetica is always up to date with newest, latest in industry as we are industry leaders in what we do our quality of work and our academy outcomes. What we offer, our team, our products and services and the strength of our brand. We love what we do we love the industry and are passionate about our client outcomes.

colour cosmetica - brides of adelaide


Lots of things inspire us, working with amazing people, having the right positive energy around us.

Professional achievements...

Winner national title excellence in hairdressing education nationally. 2011 independent salon of the year, many awards in industry please view website for more details.

Latest trends...

Vintage, classic, and modern sleek.

Best compliment...

Being recognised in industry for what we are doing for the future of the industry.

If we weren’t doing this we woud be...

Interior design.

The first thing I do when I step into work...

Get a coffee and get orgainised.

A typical day at work...

Crazy busy, dealing with clients, students, staff and daily business operations.


Good food, good company, good laughs, good times with family and friends, enjoying the simple things in life.

Can’t live without?

Loved ones, sun, beach, pasta, music.

Red wine or champagne?

Moscato, Peter Lehman.

Favourite wedding quote...

I love weddings, getting all the people together in your life.... in the one place to celebrate something so special.

colour cosmetica - brides of adelaide

Colour Cosmetica


4 July 2016

bride getting ready on wedding day - brides of adelaide

It’s the final stretch, as you begin the countdown to the most important day of your life, there are a few things you need to remember. Before you immerse yourself fully into the excitement and whirlwind of the day, here are 7 things you should do 24 hours prior to your wedding day [you’ll thank us later]…


It is important to fuel your body with the right foods the night before your wedding. We understand that the greasy pizza and the block of Cadbury chocolate are screaming your name but it is essential to stick to fruit and wholegrain. Eating a meal that wont bloat you is best, try some steamed veggies and grilled chicken instead.


Keep a bottle on you at all times during the day. This will help you avoid any dehydration that stress and last minute running around can often cause, and not to mention will keep your skin looking fresh and those dark circles away.


Or at least try to tuck yourself underneath those covers at a decent hour and turn off your thinking cap.


Be prepared for any outfit or beauty related mishaps with an emergency survival kit. Include items like deodorant, bobby pins, safety pins, lipstick, mascara, hairspray, face powder, shoe inserts, tissues, panadol, Band-Aids and so forth. You never know what could go wrong.


This person's role is simple, collect all the gifts at the end of the wedding and do one final sweep of the venue when the party is over to make sure you didn't leave anything behind.


It is time to disconnect from the outside world – meaning say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stop replying to those text messages. Put your phone on silent and hand it to a responsible adult who will not give it back to you until the right time.


We understand that your wedding day can be very stressful, so make sure that you also take a little bit of time for yourself and relax. Indulge in a spa treatment or massage, listen to your favourite music and just take some time to really focus on yourself.

Boa Edit  Wedding Ideas  Wedding Information 

bride getting ready on wedding day


4 July 2016

Black is the forever-ultra chic colour that no matter how many years, centuries or eras go past, never fails to transcend trends. Elegant, sophisticated and timeless, an all black wedding scheme is ideal for epicurean couples who wish to indulge in the finer things in life during their special day. Flowing champagne, opulent accessories and a classic colour palette are all black tie necessities. Its just too fabulous darlings!

black inspired wedding canopy - brides of adelaideblack and white bridal bouquet -brides of adelaideblack wedding reception styling - brides of adelaide

You will be styling with a simple and elegant colour palette, so ensure you create a warm and inviting ambiance to avoid your venue becoming impersonal. Many regal candelabras will wash your tables with a romantic glow, and miniature hedge trees are sophisticated and homely, without detracting from your simple elegance. Don't forget to remind guests of your dress code on the invitations so that they can dress to impress and enjoy the formal celebrations! dark bridal makeup - brides of adelaidethree tier black glitter wedding cake - brides of adelaideblack wedding dress and grooms suit - brides of adelaideblack grooms suit - brides of adelaide

Black Wedding Ideas  Wedding Colour Themes  Wedding Decor  Wedding Styling 

black inspired wedding canopy / black and white bridal bouquet / black wedding reception styling / dark bridal makeup / tiered black glitter wedding cake / black wedding dress and grooms suit / black grooms suit


1 July 2016

creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers

Bridal bouquets. They're great. In fact, they're absolutely gorgeous and we can't get enough of them. BUT did you know you can do a lot more with flowers than just bouquets and centrepieces. Yep, that's right. Get your bridal notebook handy (or your finger ready to click straight to your Pinterest board) because we have some gorgeous, unique and creative flower decor ideas for you!

creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers

Create a secret garden wonderland with these magical flower garland chair covers, your furniture will become part of nature. Use your imagination (or Pinterest) to discover creative new ways to display flowers. For example, use fishing line or yarn to hang mason jars and test tubes filled with beautiful flowers amongst trees or from beams at your ceremony and reception.

creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers

We think this rose chandelier is stunning - use ribbon to hang fresh roses in a cluster. They are soft, feminine and very, very pretty. Let each guest take a rose home as a sweet reminder of the evening. If you're the type of bride who really doesn't want to hold a bouquet (too many guests to hug, too many conversations full of hand gestures to be had!) then ask your florist to create a floral boa that can hang around your neck. A very chic and practical alternative to the classic bouquet.

creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers creative flower ideas - wedding decorations - bridal flowers - wedding flowers

Bouquets & Flowers  Flower Styling  Wedding Flowers  Wedding Flowers  Wedding Styling 

flower ceremony backdrop / flower chair garland / vases in heart-shape centrepiece / crate of assorted flowers decor / roses chair garland / single flowers hanging in test tubes / flowers hanging in mason jars / flowers hanging in recycled bottles / flowers in mason jars with flag / flower backdrop in mason jars / flower boa / hanging rose chandelier / crate vase / flower wedding car wreath / test tube roses / sign garland / roses string decor

adelaide wedding photographers adelaide wedding photography autumn wedding bachelorette party beach weddings beauty black wedding ideas blue wedding ideas boa advertiser boa edit bohemian wedding bonbonniere bouquets & flowers bridal beauty bridal beauty muse bridal makeup bridal party robes bridal shoes bridal shower bridesmaids celebrity wedding style centrepieces clutches country weddings engagement photography engagement rings engagement styling flower girls flower styling food and beverages free online wedding planning tools garden weddings gold wedding ideas green wedding ideas grey wedding style grooms grooming grooms suit groomsmen healthy wedding & engagement food ideas honeymoon ideas jewellery kids wedding entertainment maroon wedding ideas men's suits & accessories modern weddings orange wedding ideas outdoor weddings page boys pastel colours pink wedding ideas purple wedding ideas real weddings red wedding ideas rustic weddings silver wedding ideas spring weddings summer weddings table settings veils vineyard/winery weddings vintage weddings wedding accessories wedding arbour wedding beauty wedding cakes wedding car wedding ceremony wedding colour themes wedding cupcakes wedding decor wedding diy wedding dresses wedding fashion wedding favours wedding flowers wedding flowers wedding gift ideas wedding guest wedding hair wedding ideas wedding information wedding invitations wedding lighting wedding makeup wedding pets wedding photographer wedding photography wedding planning wedding planning tools wedding prep wedding reception ideas wedding rings wedding shoes wedding signs wedding stationery wedding styling wedding transport whimsical wedding white wedding ideas winter wedding yellow wedding ideas

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