9 January 2015

Ranunculuses resemble small peonies and produce densely petaled blooms in a range of colours including white, yellow, orange, red and pink; they are usually available in late winter and early spring. Their sturdy stem and hardy flower make it an excellent choice for bridal bouquets. Use the ranunculus in abundance for a full bouquet or use as an accent flower for a pop of colour. It’s also a perfect centrepiece flower because of the detail and tightly wrapped layers of petals – guests are able to get a close up view of the stunning bloom as they enjoy a meal.

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9 January 2015

The love we are possessing for this beautiful necklace... wow! So much glam and elegance in one piece, paired with a sweetheart neckline and extra embellishments on the gown - to-die-for xx

glamorous bridal necklace


9 January 2015

The radiant orchid wedding is full of bright pink and purple hues, it’s gorgeous and vibrant and exudes style. With rich colours and femininity, the palette is perfect all year round. The deep purples offer a wintery undertone and the vivid fuchsia pinks are a spring and summer addition.

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