28 July 2016

The music inspired wedding is vintage-chic and beautiful. Think sheet music, musical instruments and live music. Implement an element of music in as much of your wedding as you can for the perfect wedding styling. Use guitars, pianos, violins etc. at props! Imagine a guitar guest book, making for a gorgeous and sentimental keepsake. Treat your guests to pianists or live musicians to create a cool atmosphere to celebrate amongst, in style.

Sheet music is easily sourced and has a gorgeous vintage feel. A versatile textile which can used throughout your entire day! How amazing are all these gorgeous ideas?

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27 July 2016's what you're thinking isn't it? How cute are these little lads in their best ring-bearer get up? VERY CUTE we say! Little ring-bearers have a big responsibility - they will be delivering the rings after all, so ensure they look as dapper as can be whilst they're performing their special duties. Here's a few adorable and stylish ideas for the important little man on your wedding day [no, not your husband!]. From bow-ties to chinos, suspenders and fedoras, these little guys can be just as stylish [if not more so!] than the rest of the bridal party.

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27 July 2016

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Your typical cookie cutter, pre-packaged weddings are becoming a thing of the past – something you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been to a wedding in the past year or two. As millennials grow up and start tying the knot they are creating something one-of-a-kind, something that’s totally sharable on social media and something that actually stays pretty budget-friendly. And the wedding planning industry is paying attention.


Millennials aren’t afraid to take chances. It could be anything small like a colourful gown to a surprise wedding, but the biggest trend is infusing the couples personality into the wedding. A book loving couple might get married in a library or list certain quotes on their décor or read a paragraph during the ceremony, anything is possible. Finding unique and personal ways to celebrate your special day, without breaking the bank, is at the top of every Millennials mind.


Have you attended a wedding recently where there hasn’t ven the requisite #hashtag? Yeah, we didn’t think so either, it’s almost impossible these days, but its not an issue since its all about the sharing experience. Couples are using various apps to enhance the experience, like having Instagram images with the wedding hashtag printed there and then on the spot. Whether you’re sending a spontaneous wedding sing-along video on Snapchat or showing photos via Instagram hashtag a few weeks after the big day, spreading the joy has never been so easy.


Although the reception may be the big event, its all about the journey for the millennials. Gone are the days where weddings lasted just one day, these days they are two and three-day weekends at a destination of some sort.


Couples these days have one agenda, and hats to make their wedding pretty, pretty, pretty! Creating Pinterest boards and print screening from instagram for all things inspiration is somewhat of a pastime for millennials who have access to almost unlimited resources when it comes to conjuring up their dream wedding. Amazing locations, incredible décor, and fabulous fashions, it all comes down to the detail of the event itself.

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