27 April 2016

The two-piece set has taken the fashion world by storm – we call it the Olivia Palermo effect! The boho-esque vibe of a flowing pair or the sleek sexiness of a fitted skirt and crop… Why not bring this design straight from the runways and onto your wedding aisle. If you personally don’t want to stray too far from tradition, your leading ladies will look beautiful in one of these incredible two-piece designs! Whether it’s a pastel duo, glittery show-stopper, all white wonder or irresistible ivory you will stand out in a classic wedding style while your girls can influence a fashion-forward aspect.

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26 April 2016

If you’re the kind of bride who wears braids, bat-wings, henna, and flowers in her hair or just love a relaxed vibe, then a bohemian wedding might be your style. This simple and clean palette is the perfect amount of winter boho and we can’t get enough of it! Crochet, lace, wildflowers and glass jars come together beautifully with organics and rustic elements. Take some inspiration from these gorgeous weddings and channel your inner boho…

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Highlight your table setting with a centrepiece that encapsulates what boho is all about. For a minimalist look, foliage in a gilded bowl or large Mason jar looks beautiful decorated with some feathers or antlers. Taper candles are a gorgeous element to a winter boho wedding and help set a romantic, free-spirited mood. For a more rustic feel include burlap and wood slices.

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26 April 2016

ALICIA + LUKE: married 2 years

alicia + luke marriage milestone - brideds of adelaide

Although not the most romantic of first meetings ‘per say’, we get the feeling Alicia and Luke were destined from the beginning.

“Luke and I met in a nightclub six or so years ago. He was there with a mutual friend who asked me to ‘look after’ Luke while he went to grab a drink,” recalls Alicia. “Reluctantly I sat next to him whilst he swayed back and forth, trying his hardest to make conversation with me as I rudely ignored him.” After a few awkward moments, many spilt drinks and a ruined dress, the friend returned and Alicia was out of there as quick as humanly possible. Proving that first impressions are not always correct, Luke showed up to Alicia’s work the following day offering an apology, and it’s safe to say all was forgiven, “My heart did a thousand backflips. Something about him just stuck with me that day.”

As laid-back and self-professed ‘goof balls’, the duo hit it off straight away with a first date dinner down at Glenelg.

alicia + luke marriage milestone - brideds of adelaide

After three years of laughter, travel and the safe arrival of a French bulldog named Brax, Alicia was eager to take the next step. Proposals don’t necessarily have to be super extravagant to ignite all those ‘giddy’ feels. Just ask Luke who left the ring in the glove box for Alicia to find. “Luke and I arrived at his parents’ home when he asked me to grab his wallet out of the car, to which I actually thought ‘get it yourself’ before opening up the compartment and finding a perfect white box sitting there,” smiles Alicia.

With a retro vintage and all-round chilled out vibe in mind, Alicia and Luke wanted a relaxed wedding day that was all about great food, an awesome countryside location and a fabulous gathering of family and friends. “Our wedding was definitely a bit out of the norm, Luke and I were already together at the location waiting for the guests to arrive.

When the time came, we wandered over to a beautiful part of the forest and commenced the ceremony.”

alicia + luke marriage milestone - brideds of adelaide

He said

I was instantly drawn to Alicia’s crazy smile and sarcastic attitude. She has such a bright personality and confident, fearless attitude, not to mention darn good looks.

Marriage to me is about an eternal friendship. It’s important to always be yourself, keep it spontaneous and have fun. One thing that has not changed over the years is our ability to compromise whenever we argue.

We enjoy everything we have together, don’t worry about the little things and try not to take life too seriously. It’s all about sharing your most significant moments with your soul mate. I love coming home to my wife, however not so much to her attempts at cooking dinner. We are a very family orientated couple, any free time we have we like to spend with them. If we are not with our family, you can find us chilling out at home, reading books, playing video games or going for a cruise to find new cafes and restaurants. In the years to come, I see us with a few kids living in a small farmhouse around the Willunga area.

She said

Luke and I are both extremely silly; we know how to have fun and lighten each other’s mood. He is the king of pulling stupid faces and singing terribly, and these things constantly send me into a fit of laughter.

Out of nowhere Luke will remind me that he loves me. If I ever have a hard day at work, he knows how to fix it. It may seem small yet these little reminders are truly everything to me! It is amazing being married to my best friend. He is the person I want to do everything with and nothing is as fun when he’s not around.

Marriage to me is a friendship you can always rely on. It’s having that person who you adore more than any other there with you at all times and that person knows you better than anyone else. One of my favourite things about Luke is how passionate he is when he talks about something he loves, whether it’s music, animals, travelling or even plants (as he’s a horticulturist). It’s very attractive in a person but many easily miss it.

Build your marriage on a friendship, be open and honest with one another and have a good relationship with each others families. These factors have helped in creating a wonderful marriage for Luke and I. If there is a problem, talk about it - nothing is solved if nothing is said.

In ten years time, I would love to see us living back on a farm, with three children and a million dogs. Also I can’t see our love of travelling dwindling any time soon, so more stamps in our passports would be perfect.

alicia + luke marriage milestone - brideds of adelaidealicia + luke marriage milestone - brideds of adelaide

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