26 November 2014

Make a statement on your wedding day with a bright and bold theme. Just like any good dress up party, everyone gets involved and gets into their character... incorporate your theme into every facet, from invites, food and fashion!

Festivals lend to thoughts of food trucks, bright colours, bare feet and floral head wear, beautiful beats relaxed vibes and good times! Make the day a relaxed and enjoyable occasion with pillows, ample seating, greenery and plenty of space. Guests receive a wrist band on arrival? Cute! Socialize in tipis and dance in fields... It's a festival wedding and every is having fun.

Flags, tents and streamers are perfect for recreating that festival vibe. The world of colour palettes is your oyster... choose from the brightest of brights and pair them with the pastels, if you desire! What ever takes your fancy, and best suits the vibe you are aiming for.

These beautiful bridesmaids are dressed for the occasion... attending Coachella or your festival theme wedding? Either!

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26 November 2014

Food, fashion and family... the most important things, no? The food element of a wedding is often one of the biggest... it takes up a large part of the day and often the budget. Sit down style meals are the traditional ceremony procedure but we are all about innovation here at BOA! We love the idea of a buffet style meal. It's communal, fun and in fashion! Cuisine can vary and range - take your guests on a trip across the globe, Indian on one side of the room and Italian on the other. Yum!

This outdoor wedding buffet is so cool! Imagine having chefs prepare meals in front of your eyes... wedding wishlist 101.

Get creative with your presentation. Use household items like dressing tables, crates, palettes and/or outdoor furniture. Keep your wedding scheme in mind when planning, and ensure your buffet fits in with your wedding decor.

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26 November 2014

The perfect accessory to compliment your strapless or plunging, V-neck gown… This fashion forward necklace is a gorgeous statement piece; a wearable treasure in your collection for many years to come!

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